Struggling With Post Waxing Breakouts? Here’s How You Can Prevent It

Monika Khajuria

Getting waxing done is a major task checked-off from your monthly to-do list. The two to three weeks of flawless, hair-less and smooth skin that follow are pure bliss. But, all is not that great. Post waxing breakouts is an issue many of us face. Rashes, pimples, itching and skin bumps are common after waxing. The reason for the breakouts may be different. It might be exposing it immediately to the sun or careless use of skincare products. No reason to worry though. Post waxing breakouts can be dealt with ease. Today, we share with you how.

1. Prep Is The Key

Not only post, but your pre-waxing routine also matters. After you have set your waxing appointment, it is important to prep your skin for what is to follow. And by prepping the skin, we mean exfoliate it. Use a gentle body scrub to get rid of all the dead skin cells and unclog the skin pores for a smooth and amazing waxing experience.

Pro tip- Exfoliate the skin 2 days before your waxing appointment to prevent any skin irritation.

2. Choose Your Salon Wisely

An unhygienic salon can also be the reason for the breakouts post waxing. The place you are going to get your waxing done should be clean with sanitised waxing equipment. Check the reviews of the place before going in. If you are visiting the same parlour for some time and getting breakouts each time after waxing, the improper hygiene of the salon might be the reason for this. Check out the place thoroughly when you visit next and if you feel it is not clean enough, you need to find yourself a new salon.

Even if you are doing waxing at home, make sure the place is clean, the waxing stuff washed and you are wearing gloves.

3. Do Not Step Out In The Sun Immediately

Waxing tends to remove the top layer of your skin along with the unwanted hair. This makes your skin more vulnerable to damage. Exposing the skin immediately to the harmful rays of the sun might not be such a great idea. Sun damage is real and it is a strong reason for the post-waxing breakouts. So, cover your skin before stepping out after your waxing appointment.

4. Avoid Hot Showers

Waxing gives you a sticky feeling that does not seem to go away until you wash it off. We often opt for a hot water bath after waxing to clean ourselves. It sounds like the perfect way to relax after the painful waxing session. No matter how much you are tempted to do it, avoid hot water showers. The hot water is only going to irritate the skin. Use cold water to clean the grime and do not use soap immediately after your waxing session. Also, avoid public baths and swimming pools. These can infect your skin and lead to breakouts.

5. Post-Waxing Care Is Vital

Do not touch your freshly waxed skin. It can cause skin irritation. Putting a skin-soothing product on the area will help you get some relief and keep the breakouts at bay. You can go all-natural and put some aloe vera gel on the area. Waxing can make your skin dry. Keeping it moisturised is also important. Use an oil-free moisturiser to keep your skin moisturised. The synthetic oil in these products can irritate the skin and cause breakouts.

Additionally, do not exfoliate your skin immediately after waxing. Wait a day before you exfoliate. ANd continue to exfoliate the skin to prevent ingrown hair and pimples. Also, avoid exercising the day you wax. The sweat can irritate the skin. So, give a break to the physical activity.

6. Pay Heed To The Clothes You Wear

Wearing tight clothes after your waxing session is a big no-no. Constantly rubbing of the clothes against your skin can irritate the skin and lead to breakouts. Wear free-flowing and loose clothes after waxing. The fabric of the cloth you wear also matters. Stick to cotton and linen clothes. These are breathable fabrics that don't irritate the skin. Give synthetic fabrics such as nylon, acrylic and polyester a break for a couple of days after waxing.

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