Struggling with your relationship? These expert tips will help

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Are there are times when you feel clueless about each other's emotion? (Source: Getty/Thinkstock Images)

A recent study stated that an optimistic partner can help boost one's mental health, which is the key to happiness. A healthy relationship can go a long way in helping the other pieces of life fall into place.

You eat, sleep, live together. You binge-watch your favourite TV shows, you even share finances and doing turns with laundry, but still, there are times when you feel clueless about each other's emotions. However, no matter how smooth a relationship is, there are times when you struggle to understand each other.

Here are some tips that can help nurture your bond by boosting healthy communication:

Taking big decisions together

Have a common roadmap and approach decisions that impact both your lives together. "Before you make critical decisions about your future, assess how that might influence your relationship. Let your better half know that you care about them, through words and actions," suggests Latika Narang, psychotherapist, life and health counsellors, MD, Aekum.

Bad phases and disappointments are a part of a relationship

No relationship is great nor every person flawless. Sometimes, we simply see one side of a story. Concentrate on the best parts of your relationship, and don't let little issues ruin what you have constructed. Iron out disagreements and don't let them fester. Look at the motivation behind why you were frustrated, and have a reciprocal conversation on what you both need to deal with. You have to comprehend that failure and dissatisfaction are part of a sound, long-term relationship. Each challenge marks your development as individuals and as a team.

Room to grow

Have the capacity to step back and evaluate the relationship and your part in it. "Even though counselling is a great method to manufacture trust and encourage communication, you have to figure out how to work without your partner close by. Figure out how to step back and arrive at decisions. That is how you develop into a more grounded individual. Be a superior version of yourself, and that will help in nurturing partnership as well," recommends Narang.

Change is the essence of life

Change is the only constant, for the better or worse. In any case, you need to acknowledge that change is a path for both of you to develop. If you don't like what you see, attempt to talk it over with your partner and examine the points that are unappealing.

Treat your better half with respect

To have a decent and durable relationship, you should approach each other with respect. You shouldn't offer low and disparaging comments, affronts, and critical remarks that may offend your partner. Being in a solid relationship implies treating each other well. Encourage love and regard under all circumstances.