Student Union bar becomes first in England to close because students are shunning alcohol

The University of Portsmouth announced it would be closing its student union bar because of a lack of demand. (Google)

A university bar has become the first in England to be shut down because students are not drinking enough alcohol.

The Waterhole Bar at the University of Portsmouth will be replaced by a coffee shop after a massive drop in sales of alcholic drinks.

Sales declined by 20 per cent year-on-year for the past four years, losing over half of its total sales and eventually operating at a loss.

The move makes the University of Portsmouth the first higher education establishment in England to close it’s student union bar because of a lack of demand.

The Waterhole Bar will now be turned into a coffee shop with microwaves. (Google)

A study last year by the National Union of Students (NUS) discovered one in five university students don't drink any alcohol.

According to the survey, almost a quarter of students believe there should be more social events at university that does not involve any drinking.

Portsmouth University's Vice-Chancellor Graham Galbraith said the student union area will be reopened for Freshers Week, but the bar space will be closed and refurbishment will be completed by December.

He said: 'We recognise that student tastes have changed in recent years and most students who want to drink alcohol would prefer to do so at other city venues.


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'Only a minority of students have been using the Waterhole bar and we're aware that many avoid it.

'People were simply not using it enough and the bar has become financially unsustainable.

'In response, we believe redesigning and refurbishing that area, offering street food, coffee, microwaves and comfy furniture will help open it up for all to enjoy and help them feel part of a bigger student community.'

Students' Union President Helena Schofield added: 'Myself and the Sabbatical Officer team are sad to see the bar go but we understand that it's not financially viable to keep the bar open.

'We're excited to hear student ideas on what the new space should bring to the experience of students here in Portsmouth.'

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