Here are some stunning houseboat destinations that makes India a delight for all the tourists out there

Tapasvi Vibhute
·2-min read

Houseboats offer a unique experience altogether. They give you the option to witness the nature in raw form and spend some quiet time away from the commotion of cities.

However, when a vacation in a houseboat is considered, Shrinagar and the Kerla are the first two options that come in mind. But other serene locations across the country offer similar houseboat experiences.

Here are some of the best houseboat destinations in India.


Srinagar is one of the beautiful locations to enjoy houseboat rides and Dal Lake needs no introduction. The houseboats on this lake are the major attractions of Srinagar; a reason being that houseboats are unique in designs, mostly adorned with the delicate carving on the wood, and also reflect the culture of the land.


When it comes to houseboat cruising, Kerala is the most sought after destination. The traditional houseboats of Kerala are known as kettuvellam, which are famous for overnight stays and short backwater trips. Fully equipped with modern facilities, they even feature a bedroom, kitchen and a balcony for fishing.

  1. GOA

When in Goa, you can opt for houseboat cruises on both Mandovi river and chapora river. A day cruise in a backwater, followed by an evening function on the cruise is the most sought after houseboat itinerary. However, for a romantic getaway, one can also choose private small houseboats.

  1. ASSAM

A beautiful destination in Northeast India, Assam is known for river Brahmaputra. And to witness the scenery of an of the river, houseboat rides and cruising are main activities offered here.


It boasts of being the only backwater location in Maharashtra. Famous for its Coral Beach, this quaint village is a destination to look out for. If you are in the mood for a leisure vacation in Maharashtra, head to Tarkarli, where the houseboat rides are the most loved and recommended ones.