Style cues from sizzling Selena

We are not alien to the name Selena Gomez. A 26-year-old young woman, who has gained fame through her acting and music career is setting serious fashion goals and making heads turn in her direction! This can be rightly explained by Shakshi Bhimani, a huge fan of Selena who exults, “When she dresses up, she will make sure she dresses up and looks like a Queen!”

Selena Gomez

Most trace her success to Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place where she got recognised by the world. Starting as a child actress, to being a pop singer and producer, Gomez has received various accolades. Considering her difficult childhood, she has set an example and is an idol for many around the world.

Hence, attending red carpets and events has never been new for the erstwhile child actress Selena. Taking fashion inspiration from this pop diva, here are a few instances of stepping up your fashion game:

Selena Gomez

Radiant in red

While the colour red can be bright and right in the eyes, this pop singer seems to always rock this shade and look radiant and dazzling in red. She has been spotted wearing the hue quite a lot and it’s always a treat to the eyes, seeing how well she rocks it. It isn’t that difficult to figure out that red maybe her favourite colour, considering how often she wears it.

Selena Gomez

Evolve your style

We have been seeing Selena appear on the red carpet since she was a child and have watched her grow into the beautiful woman she is right now. She has constantly changed her style as per her age and the event. From shorts and tops, to cocktail prom dresses and to gowns and pant suits, Selena has worn them all!

Not only that, she has beautifully adapted her style according to the latest trends too, always staying updated. Lately, we can say that her style has evolved from teenage dresses to classy yet simple dresses.

Selena Gomez

Keep it simple

“Selena, in general, epitomises the modest, yet chic style of dressing with a classic monochrome and basic colour palette,” says Amy Bilimoria, a fashion designer. The simplicity is what makes her stand out from the others. Selena doesn’t go overboard with her style and neither does she dress in extravagant clothes.

Her clothes aren’t that revealing, unlike others and she seems to have a definite style to which she sticks and it seems to work perfectly fine for her. She seems to wear what she feels comfortable in, be it at the Met Gala, Cannes, the Grammy’s ...any and everywhere.

Selena Gomez

Know your priorities

Selena has been attending the Met Gala every year since 2014, stunning the crowd with her presence until this year. Selena failed to attend the Met Gala this year because she was on a vacation to Disney Land with her friends.

Of course, this was rumoured as a way to avoid her two ex-boyfriends, Justin Bieber and The Weekend who have both moved on with their lives, but maybe it’s just about her priorities? Maybe Selena thought and prioritised her friends over the glamorous Met Gala. Selena also stays true herself. Her priorities lie in her music and acting and she lets that speak for herself, instead of her clothing.

Selena Gomez

Set your style

Everyone has their style. For knowing your style, you should know about yourself and your body, know what suits you and what looks good on you and Selena has mastered that perfectly! Her dressing style fits and matches her petite figure and compliments her dainty, soft features and physique.

Maybe that is the main reason why she doesn’t go overboard with her clothes, make-up, and hair and always manages to look “sane” and her perfect self. “Selena personally does not like to go extra, but she has been seen dressing in a rather bold manner with some of her red carpet outfits like dresses with thigh-high slits and a plunging neckline,” points out Shakshi.

Selena Gomez

Selena is undoubtedly an icon when it comes to fashion or living your life and that is very empowering to all her fans across the world. Other than her career, she is also setting some major fashion appearances and goals for everyone out there.

“She has a classic taste in fashion and is more inclined towards comfort chic clothing that helps her feel more herself than trying to focus on a celebrity who would create a style statement. However, it would be great to see her carrying a few avant-garde looks in the future,” concludes Amy.

Selena Gomez

Casual comfy is the new street style

Selena, when spotted on the streets or coming out of stores is often seen wearing casual denim jeans, sweatpants, crop tops, T-shirts or comfortable summer dresses. After all, what can go wrong with a good ol’ pair of jeans, be it flared, ripped or skinny!

We know for sure that Selena dresses in clothes which are comfy and casual yet stylish. Her style is effortless, yet look so well put together, something we all just strive to achieve every day. In spite of her glamorous red carpet looks, her street style hasn’t changed.