Success Academy Team Voted as the Best Digital Marketing Provider


Success Academy Team empowers business owners to use digital tools that make marketing, advertising, and selling easier. Its diverse marketing packages provide clients with options that are fit for any type or stage of business. The company is committed to transforming the industry, business by business. Recently, it was voted as the best digital marketing provider in the market.

Technological innovation has revolutionized how people do things. Before, marketing, advertising, and promotion were heavily dependent on physical billboards, posters, flyers, newspaper advertisements, and many other business tools that could cost around millions of pesos. This is also one of the many reasons why many small and medium enterprises before could not cope with the global influence of multinational companies. However, with the emergence of social media and other online platforms, all kinds of businesses—multinational corporations, local corporations, small and medium enterprises, and even single proprietorship—are now empowered and equipped to make their business known not just locally, but as well as internationally. 

The rise of social media and other online platforms also paved the way for the exponential growth and progress of globalization. Information became more accessible. Transacting online is now a normal thing. With these developments in the business industry, digital marketing has now become more in-demand. Digital marketing, as opposed to the traditional one, can somehow accurately target a certain audience to promote one’s products and services. Through different tools available, market positioning has become more strategic and precise. 

Given these developments that the business industry now experiences, online business coaching has emerged. Business coaching service providers offer diverse products and services that usually include online marketing services.  This is maybe because even though digital marketing has become the trend in advertising one’s business, it is still an unfamiliar method to many.

What is the Success Academy Team?

Success Academy Team is a company that offers business coaching services, which include marketing packages that help entrepreneurs and owners optimally promote and position their businesses in the market. Just recently, the company was voted as the “Best Digital Marketing Provider”. 

The company offers different packages such as Social Media Marketing Basic Package, Social Media Marketing Advanced Package, Social Media Marketing Expert Package, Social Media and Search Engine Content Creation, Site Creation + Sales Funnel + Social Media Promotion, and Video Creation + Ultimate Social Media Promotion. As can be inferred in the mentioned products’ names, all of them focus on digitally marketing clients’ businesses.

The Social Media Marketing Basic Package includes sales funnel creation for businesses. Sales funnels help business owners and entrepreneurs target their audience and market in a precise and accurate manner. In this age of social media and shared information, it is much easier for businesses to create a marketing and advertising framework that is effective to encourage purchase behavior. When there is proper targeting of an audience, there is a higher probability of turning strangers into loyal customers. This is why sales funnels are very important. Aside from the funnel, Success Academy Team’s Social Media Marketing Basic Package also includes management of its clients’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms. A social media manager is assigned to each client, making it possible for a more efficient and more effective promotion of business online. Other social media marketing packages (Advanced and Expert) offer the same inclusions but only with some additions such as content creation and a five-hour one-on-one coaching session with a social media manager that can help a business owner manage his or her own business’ social media platforms.

Moreover, Success Academy Team also offers Social Media and Search Engine Content Creation. The package also includes sales funnel creation, social media content creation, social media management, and a three-hour one-on-one coaching session with a social media manager. However, this package also offers SEO-enabled blogs and articles for the promotion of the clients’ businesses. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of optimizing the number of site visitors by guaranteeing that the site appears first on the list of a search engine’s search results. This is important since it aids in the purpose of a sales funnel. SEO helps in the realization and implementation of precise and accurate targeting of a certain audience that can turn into loyal customers.  

Success Academy Team also offers site creation and video creation. To know more about its products and services, visit its website at For questions and queries, send an email to

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