Success: Best Served With Hard Work, Passion, and Consistency

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We catch up with culinary artist Ligia Lugo about her foodie platform: The Daring Kitchen

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We all strive for success on this planet. Growth is one of those drivers underpinning most of what we do. It’s a very natural impulse, moving us forward. Sometimes we stumble, and it’s tempting to give it all up at that point. Dusting off, holding fast, and keeping true to one’s track is the contrasting option, and the one that is likely to lead on to personal fulfillment. With a strong desire to succeed and share her passion with the world, Ligia Lugo, a culinary artist and nomadic chef, had some tough odds stacked up against her. She proved though, that hard work, passion, and consistency conquer obstacles faced.

Today Ligia Lugo is an inspirational culinary chef and co-creator of the website, The Daring Kitchen. With partner Chris Riley, this duo offers their international following, the magic of exotic-delicacy recipes, whipped up using only the healthiest ingredients. With a spicy blend of courage and curiosity, the pair embarked on a journey of flavorful frontiers, exploring countries and cultures through their unique cuisines. They’ve infused inspired dishes with their own personal passion for vitality, nutrition, and mind-body health. Now they bring you unique recipes bridging distant cultures with the fresh produce in your very own kitchen.

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The Daring Kitchen is a one-of-a-kind platform for food enthusiasts. What can you share about your success story?

"Well, we’re very excited about the growth we’ve seen so shortly after launching our site. The onset of Covid, really inspired us to pour all our recipe gems, sourced over many years of travel, into one resource. We wanted to share them and expand our foodie-inspired community. Within a year, we have gone from 0 to over 50,000 viewers a month! With this level of enthusiasm, we are confident it will grow to a quarter-million visitors by the end of 2021. We can’t wait to share our flavors and ideas with an ever-deeper and wider community of food and health enthusiasts," says Lugo.

What would you say powered your success till now?

"Probably our enthusiasm for trying new things. Our philosophy, from first-hand experience, is that trying new things makes you feel alive and active. Sometimes we needed a little push, just like everyone else. Sometimes the push came from within, sometimes from an outside inspiration. We hope to be that inspiration for many at home to be more daring in the kitchen! Discovering cultural cuisines kept us rolling and blending them with our passion for fresh local ingredients, kept us creatively churning.’’

From a small, Nicaraguan town, Ligia Lugo faced hardships growing up. In her early days, daily meals weren’t a certainty. Now she enjoys thousands of foodie followers. After 7 years of travel, gathering diverse cultural inspiration for her recipes, Ligia believes: "If you really want something, keep working for it."

How would you like the world to see your unique identity?

"As a foodie expert that learned to cook at the heart of local cultures and cuisines, and not in a classroom."

Lastly, what is success for you?

"Success isn't guaranteed, but you'll never have it if you don't risk failure. If you really want something, keep working for it, don't let those days where your goals seem further away discourage you from powering on," says Lugo.

The Daring Kitchen by Ligia Lugo and Chris shares vitality packed, cultural-cuisine recipes. Follow the IG ID ligialugoreal for constant, fresh ideas.