Success of Brajesh Kumar Singh in blogging arena is worth inspiration

Brajesh Kumar Singh is an inspiring role-model for today’s youth. Born and brought up in the village of Chakrajali in Bihar, India, Brajesh hails from a humble background. But thanks to his dedication and hard work, he has never let that stop him from making a name for himself. From helping out his father in his vegetable business, as a child, to working in a general store, Brajesh has never said no to work.

Today, he is a renowned name in the tech-review and blogging industry industry, and has helped brands like Cadbury, Max Bupa, SKORE, etc. as a campaign strategist. He is also the founder of websites like Feedknock, Apna Contest, and Not just this, Brajesh has a commendable command over tech, blogging, contest offers and coupons.

Let’s take a brief look at his life’s journey: Brajesh has always been a high achiever despite limitations. Even with academics, he was par excellence. In his 10th board exam, he almost topped the Bihar Board exams, missing out by just 15 marks. By dint of his commendable performance, he was able to secure admission at Anugrah Narayan College, Patna, one of the best in Bihar. After admission, his eyes were all set on securing a seat in the much-coveted IITs, but unfortunately, he missed

out by a few marks, and had to take the WBJEE route. But, he knew how to make the most of what life gave him.

Brajesh was able to secure admission in a reputed Engineering college in Kolkata, taking financial help from friends and family. When an issue arose with his student loan, and threatening to trouble his education, he did not hesitate before knocking on the doors of Bihar Chief Minister, Shri Nitish Kumar. With some lady luck on his side, the matter was resolved. It was during his time in college, that Brajesh started working on digital marketing on the side to take care of his expenses.

When his college education came to a close, he cracked the placements for Capgemini, and landed a job as an engineer. Always eager to work, he kept working on the side and developed his blogging and tech skills. While at Capgemini, he got internal awards like ‘PAT on the BACK;, and ‘STAR Award for best Customer Delivery’. Currently, Brajesh is working with EASi, where his focus area is the automotive domain. In fact, in his current company, he got the opportunity of working for a prestigious client like Ford North America.

Brajesh has also been nominated for the Global Young Leaders Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Awards. So, what’s the major takeaway from Brajesh’s story? When you have the right amount of burning ambition fuelling your dreams, no obstacle is too big to cross. Just close your eyes and visualize a young boy from nondescript Chakrajali in a state like Bihar, which has always had its own challenges. Visualize the young boy help out in his father’s vegetable business, so that there’s an extra pair of hands. And, now visualize Brajesh Kumar Singh, in his present day avatar. Working with prestigious American firm for his employer, and also running his own side hustles successfully. Sounds like a script straight out of a Hindi movie, right? Well, if you have enough faith, anything is possible. That’s one thing to learn from Brajesh’s story.

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