Success comes with patience, a guy who turned his passion to full time travel- Prateek Tirthani

I was always scared to think diffrent. Since my childhood i was very curious about exploring new things and later in my 17 or 18 when all friends were thinking about their goals to have a 9-5 job and getting married at 25.

This feeling made me to think diffrent, to have a dream to do big things i always scared of. I did few trips to himachal in 2016 and i could feel the air of rohtang pass passing through my vains. That day my goal becomes to do full time travel. I didn’t knew that how is it possible. But a feeling of being a fighter for your dreams made me to do this.

I started with Instagram blogging, where i was sharing my phone pictures and the appreciation i received from people pushed me further and inspired me to work on my skills. Still I’m sharing most of phone pictures. Not only travel, but also sharing pictures and moments with people who love my work kick me to do more better and better.

After being in this field, i can say that if you who can dream it, you can live it.