Sudhir Mishra On His FAKE Viral Video: 'Har Aadmi Jiske Baal Lambe Aur Safed Ho, Zaroori Nahi Main Hi Hoon'- EXCLUSIVE

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We are literally living in a virtual world now, amidst the lockdown and quarantine phase, courtesy the COVID-19. At this time, a lot of forwards, messages, videos are making way to the Internet and then to our WhatsApp via forwards- some real, and most of them fake. 

This morning, one such video hit the Internet, where a man was being hit by a few policemen for loitering out. It was made viral and forwarded to various mediums with a message that read, it is the famous filmmaker, Sudhir Mishra in the video. 


We contacted Mishra to know the reality behind the video, and he started the conversation, denying the video in an irritated tone, which is obvious as the man has been responding to calls and messages since morning pertaining to the FAKE video. 

"Main nahi hun yaar. Uski body language dekho. Apun ka style hi alag hai. He has so much hair, I have a bald patch behind. He is far bulkier than me, I am quite lean. And why would I step out of my house alone? Main mere boodhe maa aur baap ka khayaal rakh raha hun mere Aaram Nagar cottage mein. I have 6 people living with me, who I have to take care of. Main kyun jaaunga bahar? This is pure bizzare," said Sudhir Mishra. 


After the filmmaker's clarification, we then asked him what does he think about the situation of our country with the Coronavirus spread. Sudhir Mishra replied, "Ho sakta hai hum bach jaaye, because of our immunity. Hum toh naale mein se ball uthake khel karke bade hue hai. So, maybe we will fight it out. And if we don't, then our population is too big and if community transmission does happen, we will be in a big fix."

Sudhir concluded the conversation with an apt and just the right answer for the fake video as he candidly said, "Har koi jiske baal safed aur lambe ho, zaroori nahi ki main hi hoon." 

Image Source:- uttamhindu, alchetron

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