Sudhir Mishra Slams Claims of Getting Beaten in Viral Video

Director Sudhir Mishra slammed reports claiming that he is the man getting beaten up by the police in a viral video circulating on the internet. The video shows a man getting beaten for violating social distancing protocols.

The man in the video is seen standing near a shopping complex and outside a queue maintained by police officers. Seen in a yellow shirt and beige shorts, he has a head full of long white hair. When the man wouldn’t listen to the police to fall in line, they hit him with batons.

Coming across the tweets and videos, Sudhir Mishra slammed the claims and tweeted, “I am quite amused that people think I would take a beating without reacting . Every tall white haired guy is not me . What shocks me is that the glee of the troll brigade . How sick ! Whoever that coward who takes a beating like that , it ain’t me , sickos ! Get a life,” he wrote.

“Look at the joy of these people spreading a blatantly wrong video ? Do you have think I should sue the lot of them ? These half blind morons with sh*t in their brains who can’t zoom into a picture?,” he added.

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