Suga Shares An Update Regarding His Shoulder Recovery, Surprisingly V Sneaked In The Chat

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In Vlive today Suga spoke to fan about his shoulder recovery and also discussed a number of other things.

He revealed that he cannot use his left arm yet. He did joke that he could play Rock-paper-scissors. “I see your messages here and there.. you don’t have to worry. It’s just upsetting, right? I just can’t use my left arm. I can’t even hold stuff properly. Rock-paper-scissors was possible from just the day after the surgery *laugh*,” Twitter handle @BTStranslation_ translated his statement. Suga also revealed that Jimin called him soon after he was done with the surgery to check on him. As the Suga digressed from the topic, the audio revealed that BTS member V sneaked in the chat.

During the chat, Suga also revealed that he received a call from Jin on Christmas. He said that the Moon singer called, wished him a Merry Christmas and disconnected almost immediately. When he asked Seokjin the reason behind the quick call, he reasons, “because it’s Christmas.” Suga added that he thinks the singer was bored.