Sukhbir Singh Birthday Special: Revisiting Five Foot-Tapping Tracks Of The Prince Of Bhangra That Fired-Up The Indi-Pop Music Scene

Moumita Bhattacharjee
·2-min read

Sukhbir Singh for people from the 90s is one of the many things we love about that decade. The vibrant Indi-pop scene was one of the biggest assets of that era. So many singers became extremely popular after their music videos released. It was the time when albums were sold and singles became famous. It was a bonafide industry. Singh was one of the early movers in the scene which created history at that time. He is fondly referred to as the Prince Of Bhangra with his songs being played in discotheques even today.

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Singh's biggest talent was he knew how to fuse desi Punjabi sounds with others. The fusion mix had become extremely famous with many of his peers soon following it. So on his birthday, it will be our honour to take you on a musical ride of some of Singh's foot-tapping tracks that will always be a favourite of anyone, young or old.

Oh Ho ho

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Everything about this song is pure nostalgia. The portion 'Oh ho ho' is where DJs even today mute the music for people on the dance floor to scream...that's how you make music!

Gal ban gayee

Yet another dance track that will compel you to dance like crazy even if you have two left-feet.

Sauda khara khara

This is the best dance track that you have ever heard or danced on. We are ready to bet on it.

Balle balle

It's Sukhbir here and we can't do it without Balle balle right? After all, he is the Bhangra fusion prince!

Tere naal nachna

A request for a dance Punjabi style...learn from Sukhbir!

Do yourself a favour and please watch the original videos rather than the puny remixes of the same. Doesn't have the same impact.