Summer is here! Five must-have items for your skincare kit

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Summer is here! Five must-have items for your skincare kit
Summer is here! Five must-have items for your skincare kit

20 Jun 2021: Summer is here! Five must-have items for your skincare kit

Summer is here, which means it officially is the season where we have to dodge our way through sunspots, skin damage, and lots of sweat. While beach days and pool parties become inevitable, it is important to strike the right balance so as to prevent any long-lasting skin damage. Here are a few skincare mandates, that help you look good while feeling comfortable too.

Cleanser: Gentle, foaming cleanser should be at the top of list

Chances are, on most days, when you come back home, your face might look like a mashup of grime and sweaty makeup. While this is an unavoidable scenario, what you can and should do is remove all that from your face, and let your skin breathe. Investing in a good cleanser or face wash that suits your skin is the solution to this problem.

Serum: Vitamin C serum will help the skin rejuvenate at night

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps the skin rejuvenate by reversing the damage caused to the cells by the sun and other factors. While a vitamin C serum should be a part of your skincare regime all year round, it is especially crucial during summers. Apply the serum after your toner every night to help the cells wade off skin damage and pigmentation.

Scrub: A gentle body scrub to exfoliate once a week

As important as exfoliating your face is scrubbing your body once or twice a week to remove the build-up on the skin. A gentle body scrub will help remove any dirt and sweat that is accumulated on the body, particularly on the knees, feet, and neck. Pick a body scrub that has essential oils in it to leave your skin smooth and refreshed.

Deodorant: Keep deodorant and body wipes handy when you step out

So, you might step out all dolled up and smelling like your favorite perfume, but chances are that a few hours in the sun will make you sweaty and well, sometimes smelly, too. To avoid this embarrassing situation, it is always important to keep a mini deodorant handy. You can also use body wipes to refresh yourself time and again.

Sunscreen: SPF, SPF, and some more SPF

Of course, this list is bound to be incomplete without the most crucial summertime skincare item—sunscreen! Invest in a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 40 or higher and dab it all over your face and other exposed areas before stepping out to protect yourself from harmful UVA/UVB rays. If you intend to spend more time outdoors, reapply the sunscreen once every four hours.

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