Sumsa Supari The Name Which Changed The Definition of Rap Song in Rajasthan Industry

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Sumsa Supari films giving rise to new world of rap music.

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Sumsa Supari films announces collab with Afjor Khan for its next launch.

Rajasthan is already prominent for its music.

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The new wave of rap is expanding in various countries and people are showcasing mastery like never before. Talking about the talent, Sumer Ram, also known as Sumsa Supar is basically from village Nandwan from Jodhpur and is Rajasthan’s senior-most Youtuber with immense popularity since 2011. The owner of Sumsa Supari films, his career started mainly from the 2016 Jodhpur Anthem with more than 2 lakh views on YouTube.

Since childhood, being a fan of Honey Singh and humming the rap while working in the fields was an everyday ritual. With a dream to do big, Sumer’s song did incredibly well and went viral on you tube like fire. Because of songs like Shahar Maharo Jodhpur, Flying arrow there was a sudden hike into the rap culture of Rajasthan.

Sumsa Supari films are pleased to announce a collab with Afjor Khan or better known as Rowel Star who from Barmer being the most famous media sensation in Rajasthan. Having worked with all the famous Rajasthani celebrities gives him an edge in the industry.

This duo is all set to create a rap about social causes as well as emotions that will mean to connect with the youth. Also, they sing in the native dialect to make youth more proud of their language. These artists also encourage the early budding rappers to rap and sing in their mother tongue.

Some of the finest hits of the artists include Party Rajasthan Ki, Sanskriti, Jaat Anthem, Jasol Album with almost Million views crossover. Not only this, the channels are verified on Facebook and Koo with more than 100k subscribers.

Being successful in the Rap industry is not an easy task, behind the stardom lies the life no one knows about.

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