Sun Transit in Pisces on 14th March 2021
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On 14th March 2021, Sunday at 5:55 pm, planet Sun will transit in Pisces sign. Pisces are also known as the sign of the water element. On the other side, the Sun is a fire element.

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Let us see how this transit would turn out to be for all the signs.

1. Aries - Sun will enter 12th house of Aries, students and others who want to go abroad, they have strong chances for it, so work hard you will get good results. Those who want to make any investments, please think wisely before doing so, or else you can face losses. Overall this period will be fine for you.

2. Taurus - Sun will enter the 11th house of Taurus. For all those who are into business, this period will be favorable. An excellent time for a family gathering. You may get good support from your seniors in the job, and those in the government sector will get a good response from the government. This period will be a successful period for you.

3. Gemini- Sun will enter the 10th house of Gemini. Those who are into a job this period will be favorable for them. They may get promoted. If you are in government services, you will be able to function smoothly and achieve success. People of this sign will get a good name and fame in society, and their enemies will get defeated by them. Overall this period will give you success.

4. Cancer- Sun will enter the 9th house of Cancer. Those who are into a job will get a good chance to meet their seniors and be recognized. In society, you will earn a good name. For those who are thinking of job change or business expansion, this is a good time because this period is super favorable. Overall this period is perfect to handle money matters.

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5. Leo- Sun will enter the 8th house of Leo. This period is for staying alert and aware of your enemies; the chances are that you may face false allegations. It will be better to stay away from any one-sided conversation; otherwise, your enmity may elevate. Overall, stay alert in this period, take care of yourself.

6. Virgo- Sun will enter the 7th house of Virgo. This period will be favorable for the business sector. Those who are doing a job may get an increment in this period. Those in a relationship may fight with each other, so don't get involved in fights. Overall this period will be fine for you.

7. Libra- Sun will enter the 6th house of Libra. Overall this period is good for business sectors. This is a good period for expanding luxury in your life. Happiness will increase in family and relations will be good with everyone, because of it you will feel good and energetic. Overall this period will be favorable for you.

8. Scorpio- Sun will enter the 5th house of Scorpio. This time will be a period of distraction for all of you. You may get distracted from your studies, job, business, etc. It is not a good time to make decisions, so cross this period wisely. Overall this period is not too good for you.

9. Sagittarius- Sun will enter the 4th house of Sagittarius. This period is perfect for money gaining. Decisions taken during this period will be beneficial for you; this period is also good for work expansion. You will feel thrilled because this period will be very positive. Overall this period is joyful for you.

10. Capricorn- Sun will enter the 3rd house of Capricorn. Be aware of your health in this period and try to avoid outdoor foods. At this period, you will feel negative so try to get involved in positive work. This period is good for those who are into a job. Overall this period is for taking care of your health.

10. Aquarius- Sun will enter the 2nd house of Aquarius. This period is good for marriage for those whose marriage proposals are pending, and it is also a good time for love marriage. For those who are thinking of entering politics, this seems to be a good time for you. If you want life changes, then you may go for it. Overall this period is good for you.

12. Pisces- Sun will enter the 1st house of Pisces. Stay away from controversial talks and any fights. If you have given money to anyone, try to take it back wisely; otherwise, you may face loss. Overall stay away from all types of fights and enmity.

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