Sunaina Roshan Breaks Up With Boyfriend, Ruhail Amin; Reunites With Family- EXCLUSIVE

The Roshans have been in news since quite sometime. Yes, every household has their shares of ups and downs, and this family has been no different. The most recent turmoil which hit Roshans was Sunaina coming out and speaking against her father, and brother, where she said that Rakesh Roshan had slapped her on knowing and brother, Hrithik Roshan "did not approve" of her relationship with Ruhail Amin. Things got out of hand to an extent where Sunaina took Roshan's arch rival, Kangana Ranaut's help and support in the matter. 

The situation was quite delicate and at that time, had decided to give you a full perspective of the situation where we mentioned how media should leave the family alone. 

And now, like we thought, things have improved a lot in their household. The tension has released after Sunaina decided to break up with Ruhail Amin. She has now moved on from the relationship, and is back with her family. In fact, Sunaina was also a part of Rakesh Roshan's 70th birthday celebration on Sep 6. 

Just to know the other side of the story, we contacted Ruhail Amin too and checked about the update. He texted us back saying, "It's 'fact free' and half truth."

For those who've come in late, it was reported that Roshans were not very keen on Sunaina being in a relationship with Ruhail as he is a married man with kids. It was being said that as Sunaina has had a few failed relationships, her parents didn't want her to end up making one more wrong choice of partner.

However, now Sunaina is happy and positive and is on the path to move on, of course, with her family's full support. 

Image Source:-  metabluedb/ruhailamin/pinterest

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