Will Sunil Grover join Kapil Sharma's new show? Sidhu reveals

Ranpreet Kaur

Will Sunil Grover join Kapil Sharma

10 Jan 2019: Will Sunil Grover join Kapil Sharma's new show? Sidhu reveals

After missing from action for a long time, Kapil Sharma, recently, made a powerful comeback with The Kapil Sharma Show 2.

Kapil's show, laced with laughter, received a thumbs up from the audience. However, despite positive reviews, the viewers still missed Sunil Grover's presence on TKSS2.

While everyone wants Sunil to return on TKSS2, Navjot Singh Sidhu spilled beans on the much-awaited reunion.

Sidhu's statement: Both Sunil and Kapil are quite close to me: Sidhu

Sidhu has always been a part of Kapil's shows and shares a great camaraderie with the comedian. In fact, Sidhu often refers to Kapil as his son.

With TKSS2, Kapil believes good times have arrived for Kapil.

Notably, Sidhu also shares a good equation with Sunil and wants him to come back with Kapil on the new show.

Details: Reading between the lines: Sidhu hints at Sunil's return

Fans are eagerly waiting for Kapil and Sunil's reunion. And looks like Sidhu is also rooting for it.

Talking about it, Sidhu told Punjabi Kesari, "Sunil will realize it on his own and when he does, we all will be standing with open arms to welcome him".

Sidhu even stated that if Sunil returns he will get a lot of respect from TKSS2 team.

Debacle: Backstory: Sunil walked out of Kapil's show after mid-air fight

Kapil and Sunil's fight is no longer a secret.

Once known as best friends, they parted ways after Kapil misbehaved with Sunil in 2017 on a flight.

Subsequently, Sunil walked out of Kapil's show. Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar also followed Sunil's footsteps.

Although Kapil apologized to Sunil on Twitter, the latter wasn't ready to forgive him. Months later he let bygones be bygones.

The patch-up: Kapil and Sunil have buried the hatchet now

Time is the biggest healer and it worked well for Kapil-Sunil. After being at loggerheads for over a year, the two called a truce.

Both Kapil and Sunil have put past behind them and their Twitter exchanges speak volumes about their reviving friendship.

In fact, Sunil even sent his wishes for Kapil's new show. He also expressed happiness after Kapil married Ginni Chatrath.

Sunil's return: Will Sunil and Kapil work together soon?

Kapil and Sunil make for a perfect jodi when it comes to comedy. Sunil was an important part of Kapil's show. He was loved as Gutthi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

While reports of Sunil's return on TKSS2 are rife, the comedian is yet to make an official statement.

Meanwhile, Sidhu's statement gave hope to the audience that Kapil and Sunil would reunite soon.