Sunil Grover trolls Chandan Prabhakar on Twitter over a post, and it’s relatable yet funny

Urmimala Banerjee
These two, we tell you

Sunil Grover is a funny man. And he does not hesitate from pulling someone’s leg. This time, it is his former colleague Chandan Prabhakar who is at the receiving end. Chandan put up a picture on Twitter with a caption that clearly bounced over Sunil’s head. He took to Twitter to ask Chandan to clarify what he was actually trying to say. The chaiwallah from Kapil Sharma’s show wrote: Sometimes posture of ur body defines u…love. After reading that, Sunil wrote back: In this picture what r u trying to define, the poster of ur body or beauty of the building behind you? (Also Read: Archana Puran Singh on replacing Navjot Singh Siddhu on The Kapil Sharma Show: I’m here only for a few episodes)

It might look like Sunil is trolling Chandan but it often happens that people put captions that don’t make sense to many of us. And Sunil knows he can get away after pulling Chandan’s leg. The two were a riot on The Kapil Sharma Show before Sunil left it post the infamous fight between Kapil and him on-board the Air India flight between Melbourne to Delhi. Chandan had also quit the show but made a comeback after a couple of months.

In the past few weeks, we have seen some interaction between former members of The Kapil Sharma Show. Ali Asghar wished Kapil on the announcement of his film, Firangi and also when he was unwell. Today, there is this banter between these two. So, what’s next? We hope it is a treat for fans! Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more scoop and updates…