Sunmi Posted Ambiguous Warning On Instagram, She Also Revealed About Her Step-Father

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Sunmi posted an ambiguous warning on her Instagram account and gained much attention from the online community.

She posted the photo with message a on piece of paper. She didn’t add any other explanation.

“I ask that you don’t cross the line. Thank you”

Sunmi’s fans are speculating that she gave a warning to haters that she will take legal action.

Last year, Sunmi expressed her intention to take legal action against malicious comments through Makeus Entertainment, and also the agency stated to investigate to find out who is hiding behind anonymous accounts to take legal action against them.

In Mnet‘s Running Girls EP Summi revealed about her stepfather about whom she never talked on TV.

Sunmi’s biological father passed away 3 months before her debut back in 2006 about whom she often talked.

During the episode, Sunmi got a surprise visit from her step-father and she broke down in tears. Her step-father greeted all of Sunmi’s friends and gifted them with a snow crab.

Sunmi confessed in an interview that he was actually dripping in sweat due to nervousness.

“My step-father was really nervous because it was a broadcast. He was dripping in sweat. I was so thankful.”

Sunmi further revealed”When I do broadcasts, there are times when my late father comes up. My step-father doesn’t say anything about it, but I think it makes him sad.”

She explained that despite not being related by blood, her step-father went above and beyond for her and her siblings.