Sunny flaunts her unseen talent: Here's what's keeping the diva busy in isolation

Sunny flaunts her unseen talent: Here's what's keeping the diva busy in isolation

Isolated in the house, some are using this lockdown-period rather productively by revisiting their long lost hobbies, and the “One Night Stand” actress is one of them. Yesterday the gorgeous Sunny took to Instagram and surprised us with a stunning specimen of a talent we never knew she had. 

This beauty took 40 days to complete this artwork and calls it “Broken Glass”. Sunny goes on to describe her creation as “sort of like our lives at the moment. Everything might feel shattered, but every piece is meant to be next to each other to be made whole again.” The diva then links her work of art to the present global crising saying, “we can work together and we will also feel whole again and come back together.”

The Indo-Canadian star had quite a roller-coaster life herself. Born in a middle-class prestigious NRI home, she made a daring decision by joining the adult film industry pretty early in life. There were reservations, eyebrow-raisings, strong criticism - which were unnatural - but Sunny stayed unfazed. 

Having established herself in the adult film industry in the US, she was approached by the Bhatt camp to star in mainstream Bollywood cinemas. The retaliation she faced here was strong enough to wear anyone out, but she persisted. Even when a reputed forward- looking journalist borderline “harassed” her with his objectionable questions, Sunny held her calm. 

To be fair to the masses, they were not completely wrong in having inhibitions about the actress as the Indian film industry, regardless of what goes on when the camera shuts off, stresses on projecting its “heroine” as the epitome of fidelity, goddess of chastity, and embodiment of modesty. But again, Indian cine-goers are rigid but not totally hardened; they take their time to adapt to new things and ideas. It took Bollywood-lovers a hot minute to acclimate themselves to  Sunny’s image, but it happened. 

More than the janta, the movie-makers seem to be suffering from a mental blockade here. The former adult-film actress has put her name on the credits slides of scores of movies since her debut in Jism 2, about 8 years ago, but not one of these movies explored her beyond her amorous elements. They have capitalised on her erotic image by creating special characters to prance around in skimpy clothes and luring the male actors, or swirl across the screen as an item girl. Is Bollywood so bereft of good film makers that none could bring her acting chops to the fore, keeping aside the seductress? 

Notwithstanding these limitations, her hands are full. During the lockdown that came as a much needed break, she generously shares cute snippets from her daily diaries. Enjoying being a mommy to her three bundles of joy, and trying new filters, the 38-year-old dropped an adorable video featuring her beautiful 4-year-old daughter and it instantly topped the trending charts. We can see Nisha turning into an Insta-celebrity in the coming years and she tries various filters like a pro. 

When the kids are not around, the mother for three defty steals a moment of love to enjoy a date night with the mister, albeit, at the same old dining table. She would be debuting in Malayalam cinema with Rangeela releasing this year. She would also be seen in the titular role in an upcoming historical-war film in Tamil, Veeramadevi, and is filming for Koka Kola and Helen which are likely to have both Hindi and Telugu releases.