Sunny Kumar and Journey From TheWPX to the Email Automation Business

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Success motivates us to give our best. It doesn’t make one stop, especially when the mind is full of ideas that can create a difference and serve the crowd. Well, this is where the real change begins, and people keep moving ahead. They give their time, investment, and efforts to make their dream came true, and this is how getting through a list of people, we came across a name, Sunny Kumar who is a 21-year old guy who started his journey from blogging in the WordPress niche and climbs to build his own SaaS products.

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Unseeing the seen, it’s not possible, and when I see a situation which demands change, I definitely cannot give it a stop. My mind and heart, it just keeps pushing me to give my best. This is how I came across every idea in my life and got it accomplished. I never dared to stop as I knew stopping will give relief, but it will just be for me. My passion is not just to convert ideas but also to present what was best for all, and that's what I did." His words seem so selfless, and so do his actions. Definitely, benefits are both ended, but that doesn’t leave him to be less appreciated.

As of now, he is also planning to launch his new SaaS software named MailPitch, which is basically a cold email outreaching software made to automate email campaigns of webmasters. He told us that, he will launch this by the end of this summer.

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He is from New Delhi and since 2014 he has given it all. He started as a blogger and with time, he got experiences in affiliate marketing and SEO. At the end of 2016, he was able to launch his first successful blog, and afterward, he started another blog named TheWPX to help people in their path to success.

With Mail Pitch, he has a lot of hope. He aims to provide services to help needy peoples to grow their businesses and offer them accessibility in a budget nobody can deny. By all means, it will be helping to automate the email outreach campaigns for them. He is trying a lot, and his success, well, it comes along.

“For whatever you do, bring the passion. If you cannot, it is just a waste. I do my best because I know what I'm capable of and I know I am capable because it is what I choose as my passion. I have been working hard, and I will continue to do so. I will make sure the best reaches the hands of millions of people and provide them benefits in growing their business. I have high hopes. This is what I can say,” said Sunny in an interview when he was asked about is it all hard work or his passion? Well, if this is passion, we should recognize the importance of it, and it is only then we will be able to bring forward the real change, not just for ourselves but also for others and people like Sunny, we need more and more of them, at least in the world of today where for most, “Profession isn’t passion and passion isn’t what people follow.”