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Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber Take Nisha Kaur Weber On An Outing (View Pics)

Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber Take Nisha Kaur Weber On An Outing (View Pics)

Sunny Leone's daughter Nisha Kaur Weber is cute as a button

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are currently in their happiest mode. They became proud parents of a baby girl and named her Nisha Kaur Weber. She was adopted from Latur and since then, Sunny is enjoying her motherhood thoroughly. Not only Sunny but her husband Daniel too grabbed eye balls with with his appearances with the adorable baby. Yet again, Sunny and Daniel were spotted at airport with Nisha and the sight was too adorable to give it a miss! Nisha was wearing a denim top and pink pants with her hair tied in a small bow. Daniel and Sunny were of course beaming with pride as they walked through the click-clicks! Check out the pictures.

Sunny and Daniel applied for the adoption through a web portal called CARA (apex body for adoption) and gave their consent for the adoption just the next day. The environment is quite new for Nisha who is nearly two years old. However, Sunny and Daniel are making it a point to give her all the comforts and a lot of time to adjust to the new environment.

Talking about Nisha’s arrival in Mumbai from Latur, Daniel said, “When she came home, I think that’s when it dawned upon her, that she is not going back. Until then she thought she was going on a road trip. But we have read up and consulted our friends about how to cope with her at this stage, and we have accepted that it’s going to take her some time to adjust in this new environment.”

Well, it is so good to see how Sunny and Daniel are doing their best to keep Nisha Kaur Weber comfortable and happy. We wouldn’t mind to see more of their pics after this private outing!

Text: India.com
Photos: Yogen Shah