Sup Yoga to Roga, have you heard of these unique yoga trends?

yoga trends

Sup Yoga is a popular trend, especially in America. (Source: salty.buddha/Instagram)

The benefits of yoga are many, which explains why it is becoming increasingly popular among people across the world. Over the years, new variations have been incorporated into this ancient form of physical and spiritual exercise to make it more contemporary. Here are some such unique yoga trends that are gaining popularity:

Sup yoga

Sup yoga or stand up paddle board yoga originated in 2013 in America, as a way of practising asanas on a paddle board in a calm water body like a lake. As you learn to balance while on board, your core muscles are strengthened.



You wouldn't have imagined yoga to be gendered but turns out the seemingly "feminine" postures discouraged men in the West from practising it. This is what gave rise to Broga, a strain of yoga marketed specifically to men who believe they do not have the required flexibility for the exercise. It is designed to focus on strengthening muscles and relaxing tight areas of the body, along with mental and spiritual balance.



This is a type of fusion yoga that combines asanas with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) — short but intense bursts of activity juxtaposed with dynamic yoga stretching. Experts argue that HIIT yoga increases blood flow, improves cardiovascular health and minimises strain on knees and joints.

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As the name suggests, this unique form of yoga employs light and colour psychology techniques and brain stimulating music for a multi-sensory experience. It ranges from blue light classes to boost energy, red light classes for better metabolism to pink light classes for a calming effect on the body, among others.



This combination of yoga and Pilates, which involves both strict postures and breathing techniques, is gradually gaining popularity among enthusiasts. Yogalates is known to boost weight-loss, help tone and cure back and spine problems, besides improving flexibility.



Roga is designed specifically for runners and involves asanas and breathing methods to aid their running ability, strength, endurance and mindfulness.

Slackline yoga

This is a popular form of yoga among beginner balance trainers. This is practised on a one or two-inch piece of webbing suspended off the ground. Slacklining requires a lot of focus and is a good practice in moving mediation.

Which one would you like to try?