Supermodel Sonali Barthwal talks about the - Biggest Myths about - ‘Being A Model’

I always think that there’s some really easy things that are the biggest myths in modelling. I’ll tell you what I think. No, you don’t get to keep the clothes that you wear when you’re shooting or doing a fashion show. You don’t get to keep them.

Everything is not paid for. You’re making an investment in yourself. It is a business, so sometimes when you have to fly somewhere, you’re flying somewhere for job, then the client’s paying but if you’re flying somewhere to get a job, like if you have to fly to Mumbai it even Milan, nobody’s paying for that. There is an investment that’s made in the beginning when you’re starting out.

Just because you’ve shown up and you have a few pictures and a manager, it doesn’t mean you’re going to have people who want to book you right away. I think that in the beginning you focus on getting a good manager you think the work is done. It’s going to be fine. And that’s not how it works. Having a agency is really the first step. It’s getting those clients and getting those jobs that matter.

You get up really early so don’t be thinking you’re lounging and sleeping in. You get up really early. Photographers are shooting based on the light if they are shooting outdoors. So you get up to meet the sunrise and sometimes you take a break in the day because it’s hot and then you’re shooting later.

You can never possibly imagine what it’s like unless you’re done it. So there’s a lot of things in your mind when you’re trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing and what’s it’s like. It appears more glamorous than it actually is. At the end of the day, it’s a job. You have to treat it as a job.

Another myth is that models don’t eat. I think nearly every model is obsessed with food and cooking. We adjust our diets but most of us don’t starve ourselves. I’ve my cake slices every once in a while maybe sometimes more than I should.