Supermom Ritu is a pilot, social media influencer, lifestyle vlogger, husband’s manager, homemaker

Ritu and Gaurav, owners of the 2.55 million-subscribers-strong YouTube channel, Flying Beast, are one of India’s most loved vloggers. Subscribers have seen her transition from a newlywed to a new mother to a hands-on super mom. She is also a health, beauty, and wellness influencer boasting over 420 thousand Instagram followers. Though Ritu makes it appear effortless, donning these multiple, varied, and contradicting hats isn’t a cakewalk. So we reached out to this amazing and inspiring lady to know her secret. 

Hailing from the patriarchal society of Haryana, she was made to face many bottlenecks right from her younger days. Fortunately for her parents were people of a progressive mindset, and, having seen the magic their daughter was born with, did everything in their power to bring her dream to reality. Her father was even outcast by the orthodox society they were surrounded by. But, things are changing for the better in Haryana, and people are recognizing the need to educate girls and sending them to school, shares the pilot mom. Here on, as Captain Ritu takes you through her exceptional journey, a fairy tale that leads to wings forever, but doesn’t just end there. 

Ritu fell in love with Captain Gaurav, several years ago. Notwithstanding the age-old notion of “girls don’t make the first move”, she approached the man who would soon be the love of her life, a wonderful husband, and a doting father to her gorgeous daughter. I asked her if marrying right at a crucial career juncture in the unforgiving and fast-paced aviation industry was at all the decision to be taken.  The woman with a sky full of professional ambitions, confident of her decision, the man he picked, asserts that marriage has only helped her grow as a person. Though her captaincy was delayed due to maternity, it was a choice by all means and she wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

A set of supportive and loving parents-in-law step in every time to assure Ritu’s plans, whether related to aviation or vlogging, stay uninterrupted. They, along with Gaurav, care for her toddler, as Ritu takes off to new horizons. 

One of the most trusted travel vloggers, Ritu, along with the mister, is acknowledged by several government bodies for promoting tourism in their states. Tripura, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh are some of such states they have given us a tour of, through their engaging vlogs. Though they have taken flights to countries worldwide, Ritu can’t stress enough on Indian tourism, emphasizing the rich and unexplored beauty this land holds, and that is what distinguishes her from other vloggers.

The latest feather on her hat is Flying Beast’s coverage of the backstage proceedings of the Filmfare Awards held in Guwahati this year. Though we are used to seeing Bollywood celebrities prancing in shimmering regalia year on year, draped in luxuriant apparels climbing that customary flight of stairs to collect their awards, the backstage, where a hundred dancers get ready, tailors make the last minute alterations to their costume, and the dedicated green rooms of stars were an uncharted arena for the common audience.

Ritu decided to tap on that zone, though the odds could dissuade anyone from further persuasion. The rights of the show’s airing were reserved with Color’s. It was an uphill battle that included chasing government higher-ups and the honchos of the event to finally crack the deal, and she did it with accuracy.

Her husband is a busy pilot and busier vlogger. Ritu doubles as his manager and responds to all communications in between flights. She takes out time from layovers to work on brand assignments also. While we see the glamorous life she leads, it keeps her on her toes, leaving little to no time for relaxation. 

And yet, she makes it a point to not share the time her toddler needs from ‘Mumma’ during these crucial evolving years. Rashbhari, like all children, shares a special, irreplaceable bond with her mother, she conveys her emotions and communicates with her mother in their own secret ways. She captivates her in a tight embrace when her mother returns from a flight, and weeps at the footage of these moments being played on the computer. Almost the Taimur Ali Khan of YouTube, Rashbhari is a star in her own right. Ritu says, despite her child being born to instant fame, she would raise her just like any ordinary Indian kid, teach her to be grateful for all that she is blessed with, with her feet firmly placed in the ground.