Suraj Sharma Birthday Special: Five Movies Of The Actor To Watch Beyond Life Of Pi

Moumita Bhattacharjee
·2-min read

Every time we say, Suraj Sharma, Life Of Pi pops up in our minds. That's absolutely understandable as the actor's debut has been an international one which even fetched Oscars. But this young actor has done many other movies which deserved to be noticed and talked about as well. If he plays an ambitious baseball player in Million Dollar Arm, he is also a haunted groom in Phillauri or a troubled youth in The Illegal. The actor has performed to far more intellectual and stimulating roles which deserve equal appreciation. The Illegal: Suraj Sharma and Shweta Tripathi-Starrer Is All Set To Premiere on Amazon Prime From March 23! (Watch Video)

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So on his birthday today, we have decided to tell you about those movies of Suraj Sharma that deserve equal attention as Life Of Pi.

Million Dollar Arm

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar

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Suraj Sharma plays one of the two hopeful Indian athletes, promoted and trained by John Hamm's character to be baseball pitchers in a major league. Sharma is quite magnetic and effortless in his character


Where to watch: Netflix

A cliched story about poor villagers fascinated by American dreams gets throughly uplifted by a nuanced and sensitive performance by Suraj Sharma. The film is good in part but the actor is phenomenal in all of it.


Where to watch: Disney+Hotstar

A foreign returned guy thought to be unlucky due to the alignment of the stars is married to a tree and in turn to the spirit living on it. Suraj does a great job being paranoid, irritated youth forced to do things he doesn't want. That's like all of us Indians in a nutshell!

Happy Death Day 2 U

Watch it on: Netflix

Although Suraj isn't the protagonist, his scenes are quite interesting to watch in this spine-chilling horror movie about time loops or other dimension narrative.

The Illegal

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video from march 23

Suraj garnered huge praise for playing the role of a migrant in America without legal papers. It's like Umrika only much more savage, grimmer and real. Many have called his performance gripping and innocent which was needed for the role.