Surbhi Rana, Bigg Boss 12's First Wild Card Entry Is Looking Forward To Meeting Deepak Thakur

Commoners Roshmi Banik and Kriti Verma were evicted from Bigg Boss 12 on Saturday evening. Another commoner, Nirmal Singh, was also shown the door, the very next day, on Sunday.

With 3 evictions in one weekend, the show has earned itself a wild card entry. has it that former Roadies contestant Surbhi Rana, will soon enter the house. had a short chat with Surbhi, last evening. The lady is obviously kicked to be back on TV, and shares her excitement with us. “I’m really excited that finally it’s happening. I have a clear strategy in mind, and I know how I’m going to take up this challenge. At the moment, I’m just trying my best to keep calm.

When asked how she planned to tackle the competition and be noticed in the house, Surbhi revealed, “I’m keeping my strategy a secret for now. Though I’m a spontaneous person, one thing which I can tell you right now is that I will stand for the right.”

Ask her about the evictees, Roshmi Banik and Kriti Verma, and the lady quips, “Agar woh audience ki expectations par khare nahi utre, you can't help it.”

Ask her if there’s a particular person that she’s most excited to meet, and pat comes the reply, “I’m eagerly waiting to meet the most entertaining person of the house, Deepak Thakur. I find him really funny and honest and I’m sure we will get along really well.” At the same time, she feels dealing with the Khan sisters is going to be no cakewalk.

Image Source:- Instagram/@surbhirana_official,wikilistia