When Suriya and R Madhavan Wooed Preity Zinta in This Funny Throwback Cold Drink Commercial (Watch Video)

Sreeju Sudhakaran
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Suriya Sivakumar is one of the biggest superstars in Tamil cinema, known for both his massy and classy appeal. R Madhavan, the perennial chocolate boy, is now an experimenter - doing performance-oriented roles, plunging in OTT and even turning director with the upcoming Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. They have worked together as co-leads in one movie, Ayutha Ezhuthu, directed by the master filmmaker Mani Ratnam. And they also played partners-in-crime in wooing a beautiful lass, that lass being Preity Zinta. Suriya Birthday Special: 9 Times the Singam Star Surprised Us With His Lovable Cameos (Watch Videos).

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Years ago, when Madhavan was rising as a star (and sporting his Minnale haido) and Suriya was making a successful transition from a romantic lead to a action hero, they did a Pepsi ad together. Playing two boys trying to impress a girl from the girls' hostel, they arrange coloured cars to give the design of a read heart and then call out the girl to see what they did. Preity Zinta turns out to be that girl appearing towards the end of the ad, clearly delighted with what the two men have done for her.

Watch this nostalgic ad below:

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This ad came about in 2004, the same year when Ayutha Ezhuthu came out. Interestingly, it was Mani Ratnam who was responsible for Preity Zinta's Bollywood debut, Dil Se..., thus adding a Ratnam touch to this ad. However, neither Suriya nor Madhavan had worked with Preity Zinta in a movie, though. R Madhavan’s Mantra for Social Media and Life Is ‘Always Spread Positivity’.

While Madhavan and Suriya have never worked in fully-fledged lead roles after Ayutha Ezhuthu, Suriya had done a cameo in the 2010 comedy film Manmadhan Ambu, that starred Madhavan along with Trisha and kamal Haasan. In fact, there are also reports that Suriya might be having a cameo in the Tamil version of Madhavan's directorial Rocketry, with Shah Rukh Khan doing the same role in the Hindi version.