Surus was said to be whose last elephant? The Weekend quiz

Thomas Eaton

The questions

1 Max Brod ignored whose requests to burn his manuscripts?
2 Which musical is set in the condemned Weismann theatre?
3 What court is divided into a centre third and two goal thirds?
4 What Italian dairy company was Europe’s largest bankruptcy?
5 Who opened the British hotel near Balaclava in 1855?
6 Surus was said to be whose last elephant?
7 Which lumps at the back of the nose usually disappear by adulthood?
8 Who might speak Shelta?
What links:
9 Duke of Rothesay; Earl of Inverness; Earl of Forfar?
10 Willem Dafoe; Tony Curran; Tim Roth; Kirk Douglas?
11 Great; From The New World; Choral?
12 PIN number; PAC code; ISBN number; ATM machine; LCD display?
13 Australian Mist; Turkish Van; Norwegian Forest; Devon Rex?
14 Sophie Germain; Sarah Bernhardt; Isadora Duncan; Colette; Édith Piaf; Gertrude Stein?
15 Volga, Mississippi (1); Euphrates (3); Mekong, Rhine (6); Danube (10)?

French singer Edith Piaf performing in Paris in 1961

Edith Piaf performing in Paris in 1961. Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Franz Kafka.
2 Sondheim’s Follies.
3 Netball.
4 Parmalat.
5 Mary Seacole (and Thomas Day).
6 Hannibal.
7 Adenoids.
8 Irish Travellers.
9 Scottish titles of Princes Charles, Andrew and Edward.
10 Played Van Gogh on film or TV.
11 Ninth symphonies: Schubert; Dvorak; Beethoven.
12 Tautologous abbreviations.
13 Cat breeds.
14 Buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris.
15 Rivers (and how many countries they flow through).