Sushmita Sen’s 10-year-old daughter says adoption is beautiful, leaves mom in tears

Sushmita Sen with daughters Renee and Alisah and boyfriend Rohman Shawl. (Source: sushmitasen47/Instagram)

After impressing us with her cooking skills, Sushmita Sen's daughter Alisah has now won hearts once again, this time for her maturity and sensitivity.

The former Miss Universe recently posted a video of her 10-year-old who reads out an essay penned perhaps as part of a school assignment. The essay was on the topic 'Adopting a child from the orphanage', a sensitive issue that not many parents might be comfortable talking to their kids about. And here was Alisah, who was herself adopted by her mother, articulating her heartfelt take on the issue.

Alisah's essay is a classic example of how parents can explain the concept of adoption to their kids. She says, "I believe that you should adopt a child from the orphanage since you will have happiness in your family. After all, the child has the right to live."

The little girl's essay further speaks of how an adopted child is no different from a biological one and that both should be loved equally. Increasing awareness about adoption may have led to better social acceptance and yet there are families who are still apprehensive about raising a child with an unfamiliar background and past.

"When you adopt, you give life to someone. You get to be different. Honestly, it's a beautiful feeling to know that you gave life in such a way that you saved one," Alisah read out. She goes on to give examples of celebrities like Sunny Leone and her mother who adopted kids.

Proud mother Sushmita shared her daughter's video and wrote, "She had me in tears!!! This magnitude of love, acceptance, security, purity & honesty...the divinity in her convictions...uffff! Just listening to her opens the heart!!!"

Sushmita has always openly talked about adoption and parenting. She adopted elder daughter Renee at 25. At 35, she adopted Alisah after having fought in court for nearly 10 years since it mandated the adoption of a son after a daughter, the actress had said in one of her interviews.