The suspicious case of well-coiffed hair


Does anyone have a reason why our politicians and news presenters look suspiciously as though they’ve had professional haircuts? I thought these weren’t allowed. When I look at the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, with his shaggy hair and blooming beard, I am perplexed as to why our politicians are looking tidier than they should during lockdown. Even Boris’s hair looks neater.
Jane Christmas

• My Covid-19 test kit arrived today. Looking through the instructions, I was interested to read the following: “Use a mirror to look at the inside of your mouth, and find your tonsils. If your tonsils have been removed, you will swab where they would have been.” Fortunately, my wife was a nurse in the NHS for 47 years.
Bernard Clarke

• I strongly recommend a simpler, cheaper and safer prophylactic than Donald Trump’s (Report, 18 May). My late grandmother always took a carrot to protect her from the effects of smuts and smoke while travelling by steam train. I have been eating a carrot each day and, as Trump has said: “I am still here, I am still here.”
Trevor Watkins

• An astonishing omission in the Guardian’s birthdays list (Journal, 20 May) – the last surviving RAF holder of the Victoria Cross, John Cruickshank, celebrated his 100th birthday on 20 May.
Alan R Watkins
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

• Horse manure may be shovelled into tights suspended in a full rainwater butt. After a few days this results in a splendid liquid plant feed (Letters, 19 May).
Adrian Hamlyn
Stourbridge, West Midlands

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