Sussex Cricket League clubs agreed to stop tea breaks due to the pandemic.

Vinay Chhabria
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Players will be served hot and cold drinks during the 30-minute break
Players will be served hot and cold drinks during the 30-minute break

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the financial condition of almost every human on earth. The viral outbreak also hurt the sports world as quite a few small-scale teams wound up their business, while a few others had to make adjustments to their budget. Cricket has also been adversely affected this year.

Amid these testing times, Sussex Cricket League organizers have made headlines for replacing the traditional tea break in four-day games with 30-minutes drinks break.

"In 2020 we didn't have any choice. With the pandemic the cricket we played was a short season and there was no option to provide teas, everyone had to provide their own food as it wasn't allowed," Sussex cricket league director Gary Stanley told BBC Sport.

So far this season, a few clubs could manage teas for their players, but for most of the clubs, one of the team players had to make arrangements for the rest of the squad.

"There are clubs that are still fortunate enough to have that, but large numbers don't and often it's a case of 'which player will provide it this week?', Stanley added.

Because of this situation, many of them requested the organizers to do away with the tea breaks at least until the 2021 season. The clubs have agreed to rethink their decision before the competitions in 2022.

Twitter has mixed reactions to Sussex Cricket League's decision

Many fans accepted the cricket league's decision to nix the concept of having tea-breaks. A few traditionalists protested this call, with the HK Horsemen T20 Team stating that they would serve tea to their players and even to their opponents if required. Some wrote on the micro-blogging platform that this was just another day in 2020.