Sutton Foster breaks silence on Scott Rudin abuse allegations

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New York, Apr 19 (PTI) 'Younger' star Sutton Foster is relieved that Scott Rudin, the producer of her upcoming Broadway production 'The Music Man', has announced to step back amid abuse allegations against him by former assistants.

Foster, who co-stars with Hugh Jackman on the production, opened up on the controversy in an Instagram Live conversation with actor beth Nicely.

'I feel like the only positive outcome is the one that happened,' she said, a day after Rudin, a powerful producer in Hollywood told The Washington Post in a statement that he would be stepping back from his Broadway productions.

Foster, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which first published the story about Rudin, had apparently taken a stand against the producer internally but it is for the first time that she has spoken about the controversy in public.

'I am so honoured to be a part of The Music Man and I can't wait to create an incredible, safe, inclusive, loving environment for everyone involved, and that I all I care about moving forward,' Foster said on Sunday during the Instagram Live.

The actor said she had not spoken publicly as she needed to step away to understand how she wanted to handle the situation and she did not want it to be 'a reactionary thing'.

'And for me, it was — I needed to step back make sure the decision I made was mine and not based on the noise of social media. That's who I am.' According to THR, those involved with the revival of 'The Music Man' had held multiple conference calls to discuss Rudin's involvement in the production with Foster taking a stand on the issue.

Jackman, THR said quoting sources, was 'very concerned' about the claims, which include on-the-record depiction of physical abuse that would sometimes involve Rudin throwing things at his assistants. One of them ended up in hospital with injuries when he broke a monitor on the assistant's head in anger.

Foster, who also apologised for not speaking out earlier, said that 'I know Hugh feels exactly the same way' as she does about the situation.

'I apologise if it seems like I wasn't actively trumpeting my feelings, but I feel like the noise of — I couldn't get a clear mind, and I really needed to step away,' she said.

'I never had to deal with anyone like this before, and I think 46 years on this Earth deserves that. I'm mature enough to take the time and I think people should allow it. I really am excited about returning to Broadway and may we just continue the change and that's all I'm going to say. I just feel really, it's an unbelievably unfortunate situation, but the only positive outcome is the one that is happening.' PTI BK BK BK