Suzy Rocked “A Tempo” Concert With Recreated Miss A’s Hit Songs By Gaining A Lot Of Views

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Actress Suzy has recently hosted an online fan concert name A Tempo in celebration of her 10th anniversary has gained a lot of views.

This concert was once postponed due to COVID-19, and took place on 23rd of January which gained 984,000+ viewers.

Suzy recreated her debut-day glory by performing miss A‘s hit songs like “Bad Girl Good Girl”, “Only You”, “Breathe”, and “Hush”.

Suzy’s 2021 version performances have made K-Pop fans to looking back to 2010 when the 17-year-old Suzy debuted as the golden maknae of the group.

She hasn’t changed at all!!

Her online concert performances have taken over the internet. She also made a promise saying, “My endeavor as a solo artist is still ongoing. I’m currently working on an album release for the near future. Please hang in there — and soon, I’ll surprise you with a good album.”