Swara Bhasker Advises Budding Actors To Have A Plan B In Place; ‘It's Really Hard'

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Actor Swara Bhasker remained in news for her blasting reply to Kangana Ranaut, the two have been having a feud going on from quite some time now. Known for her straightforward opinions on certain things, the actress now has asked the aspiring actors to have plan B in place who come to try their hands in the cinematic world. She shared having no shame in having a plan B as very few people manage to fulfill their dreams. According to her this journey is long and tough for the budding actors.

In conversation with Times Of India, she said, “It's really hard. So be prepared for a long and tough journey. But if you love the job that you are doing, it will not be pressurising. Also, equip yourself to be employable in some other thing than acting. If it doesn't work out, you should have a plan B.” She mentioned actor’s life coming with a lot of failure and frustration, even biggest stars having their low moments. Asking the aspiring actor to look around as the world is beautiful.

She added, “This is a hard life with a lot of failure and frustration. You can be the biggest star and still have moments of frustration and failure. Always remember that the world is big and beautiful and the film industry is a very small part of it.”

The actress prays these aspiring actors' dreams come true and if not, they should not treat it as a big deal, “So, if God forbid, your Bollywood dream doesn't work out, it's okay. It is not a big deal. There are so many interesting things you can do. Chase your dreams but don't lose yourself in chasing your dream,” added Swara. ALSO READ: Swara Bhasker Extends Support To Former NDTV Employee Nidhi Razdan As She Opens Up About Being Offered FAKE Harvard Job

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