Swara Bhasker On Her Struggle To Find A House In Mumbai; Shares Living In An Office And Getting Into Argument With Landlords

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Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, actress Swara Bhasker had one film and two web series entertaining the audience via the OTT platform, as the theatres remained shut for a very long time. Now as the actress is all set to entertain us with her new web show, Aapke Kamrey Mein Koi Rahta Hai, she spilt the beans about her initial days in the film business. In conversation with Hindustan Times, she revealed that she did not get a house in Mumbai when she came from Delhi.

As the web show revolves around 4 bachelors looking for a house in Mumbai and the problems they face when quizzed did the actress also face any such issue, she instantly gave a nod. The actress revealed, she resided in screenwriter Anjum Rajabali’s office for one and a half month, along with Lopamudra Raut. Further narrating her daily routine that had them leaving the office before 9 am, followed by going for auditions, and spending ample time in theatres.

She said, “Yes I did. I actually lived in an office of Anjum Rajabali sir, who is my mother’s friend and a celebrated screenwriter. Me and my roommate (Lopamudra Raut) lived in this office for a month-and-a-half as we couldn’t find a house. She was my college friend and came to Mumbai as she got a job. We had to leave the office before 9 am. We would have a bath and leave and go to the nearby mall and hang around on its stairs. I would leave for my audition and she (Lopamudra) would leave for her job from there. I saw every single release that month, good or bad, as I got to spend three hours in an air-conditioned theatre.”

The actress also shared an about getting into an argument with a few landlords while looking for a house and their broker also giving up on them, Swara said, “No society in Mumbai was ready to rent a house to two single girls, one of whom was trying to get into the film industry. They asked us, ‘Will you be meeting boys?’ We said ‘yes’. I even got into fights with a few landlords who were being very kattar (staunch). I started explaining to them our fundamental rights – Article 19 of the Indian Constitution. Our broker said, ‘Madam, if you want to do all this, go find a house somewhere else, I can’t help you’.” ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut On ‘Class And Crass’ Tweet Against Swara Bhasker: ‘You Troll Me All The Time; Glad You Took It In The Right Spirit’

After numerous struggles, spats, the actress finally found a house in a building which was newly constructed and did not have many residents. “We eventually found a house in a building which wasn’t a part of a society. It was new construction and there were not a lot of occupants. That’s how I got my first house,” added the actress. ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut Shares ‘Class And Crass’ Tweet To Tease Swara Bhasker, Says ‘Thoda Toh Swara Ji Ko Chheda Jaaye’; Here’s How The Latter Reacted

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