Sweet tale full of heart

Book: There’s Something about Sweetie

Author: Sandhya Menon

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Pages: 378; Price: Rs 399

Set in the West about two Indian-American familes, the book comes with so many lessons that one can incarnate in their life. It’s just not a story, but an eye-opener for the people who think being ‘fat’ is something atrocious. Not only did it change my thought process, but also gave me a different perception altogether.

Coming to the story, Sweetie Nair is bubbly, a feminist and just as sweet as her name. Even though she is a magnanimous athlete…the best runner in her school and a straight A grade student, still she couldn’t be happy about herself. Unfortunately, what pulled her confidence down was her weight and her mom’s constant nagging to become thin.

According to her mom, those whose body is in good shape success comes easy to them and they have nothing to be afraid of — society, friends, boys, money and more. Whereas in Sweeti’s words ‘fat’ is simply the opposite of ‘thin’ and as such, carries no other moral connotations. “So, to me, it is just another word that describes me, like ‘brown’ or ‘girl’ or ‘athlete’.”

Then there comes a starboy, Ashish Patel — the charmer, the dream boyfriend and a basketball rockstar who has never dated an Indian girl. But after his recent breakup with Celia, he seems to have lost his mojo and his parents always felt they could find him a better match. So, in his moment of weakness he challenged them to set him up with someone of their choice.

But now the question is since Ashish and Sweetie both have something to prove to their side of the families, so what will things be like? And the decisions made in the heat of the moment resulted in an unexpected love story.

Hence, this sweet tale full of heart and delicacy will make your days better and thoughtful. So, it’s time you grab your copy before it’s sold out. After all, who doesn’t like love stories and happy endings?