Syska’s Bactiglow: An LED bulb that kills a variety of germs too!

Sudhir Chowdhary
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Syska Group seems to have brought about a revolution of sorts in the LED bulb segment; it has been constantly launching a wide range of innovative lighting products under its LED lighting category. Recently, we had reviewed Syska Mosguard, a highly affordable LED bulb that keeps mosquitoes away. Now, Syska has introduced Bactiglow anti-bacterial LED bulb that electrocutes harmful bacteria. Priced at Rs 250, the Syska Bactiglow SSK-BAB-9W Bulb comes with microbial disinfection properties that electrocute harmful bacteria present in a room.

Company officials inform that Syska Bactiglow LED bulb is one of the most technologically advanced bulbs designed to prevent diseases that are spread through harmful bacteria. It ensures that there are minimum bacteria present in a room where the bulb is being used. The bulb is designed for indoor use and can easily be installed in schools, colleges, commercial spaces, at home and does not emit harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation. It comes with 2-in-1 modes, where one can choose from either a lighting plus anti-bacterial mode or just the anti-bacterial mode.

Syska's Bactiglow emits light in the wavelength of 400nm to 420nm which is safe for human exposure and has microbial disinfection properties that electrocutes bacteria present in the room. It does not emit any UV/IR radiations but only visible light, which is safe for human exposure and is photo biologically safe. This LED is completely safe to use for lighting in the presence of people, which is why it comes in two modes, lighting plus anti-bacterial mode and only anti-bacterial mode.

Syska's Bactiglow has proven efficacy in electrocuting Aspergillus Niger, Bacillus cerus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aurus, yeast, molds and a wide spectrum of harmful germs and bacteria. This 9W anti-bacterial light bulb is equipped with 810 degree lumens so it can provide bright light which covers a large area. The best part: You don't need to buy new fixtures as Syska's Bactiglow can fit into the regular socket you use.

  • Estimated street price: Rs 250