Taapsee Pannu Tweets About ‘Jealousy’, Kangana takes it as torment

Rajasi Nagwekar
·1-min read

Bollywood is a vast platform of Hindi films and it is also a home for several talented actors. A platform where talents are nurtured and young stars are lifted up. Each one is making attempt to entertain people as the only task of Bollywood is entertainment. The B-world celebrities like Kangana Ranaut and Tapsee Panu keep their fans entertained even on Twitter.

It all started when Kangana’s sister Rangoli called Taapsee a ‘sasti copy’ of her sister. Since then Kangana’s fans have been trying to prove how Taapsee tries to copy her. Following the same one of the Kangana’s fan recently dropped a picture in which both the Kangana and Tapsee are seen striking an almost identical pose and wearing slightly similar outfits.

While this was no evidence of Taapsee trying to “copy” Kangana in any way, meanwhile Kangana grabbed the opportunity to mock Taapsee and call her a “true fan” for “impersonating” her. Kangana took the things forward and compared herself with legendary actor Amithabh Bachchan. “…no other female superstar has taken over pop culture the way I have I am the most mimicked superstar after Mr Bachchan,” Kangana declared.

To this Tapsee reacted by tweeting out a quote about self-confidence and jealousy. The actor without tagging anyone or without mentioning anybody’s name in the tweet only wrote a message, which reads, “#ThoughtofTheDay actually almost everyday now :)” So, even though Taapsee didn’t mention anyone in her tweet, Kangana jumped in and called Taapsee a “genius” and “supernova of art, beauty and talent”.

Last year in July, Kangana tweeted criticising Taapsee for allegedly “attacking” her to be in the good books of the “movie mafia”.