• Who is Kanishka Gupta? A book magician of sorts
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    Who is Kanishka Gupta? A book magician of sorts

    Ever spare a thought for how millions of Indian readers get their hands on a variety of amazing books? India is reading mythology, self-help books, non fiction, political biographies, even trashy commercial fiction. India loves controversy! There's no secret sauce, there's no formula,” says Kanishka Gupta, a renowned literary agent, author and founder of Writer's Side, the largest literary agency in South Asia and one of the highest individual dealmakers in the world for English books.

  • 10 wealthiest authors of the world
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    10 wealthiest authors of the world

    Those who say that print is dying, need to take a look at the bank balance of these writers who have managed to secure whopping deals by selling their paperback novels. While becoming a popular and a bestselling author doesn’t come easy, these 10 writers have managed to win their readers (and the literary world) with their one-of-a-kind books (and masterful marketing and publicity).As far as Indian authors go, we have Amish Tripathi, who become the golden boy on Indian fiction with mythological page-turner The Shiva Trilogy. His first three novels have earned more than 40 crore in sales. When Arundhati Roy penned her first book The God of Small Things, she hoped that when it got published it would sell 500 copies. It went on to sell 60 crores copies worldwide. The author we love to hate the most, Chetan Bhagat, was actually named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world and commands an annual earning of 3.29 crore with his books, scripts and movie adaptions. Sarita Mandanna bagged 35 lakh in advance by Penguin India for her book Tiger Hills, which also happens to be the highest paid advance by a publishing house for a debut novel.But this is nothing compared to how much international authors, writers and novelists make. Take a look at the slideshow to know what their words are worth.– Sources: Various; Pictures: Getty Images

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