• Yahoo Detailed Review: Saina

    Saina Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Manav Kaul Director - Amole Gupte Release date - 26 March, 2021 ‘Saina’ directed by Amole Gupte is based on Badminton player Saina Nehwal’s life. Parineeti Chopra plays the main lead in this film. Is this biographical sports drama worth a watch? Saina Nehwal, an eight-year-old from Hisar, Haryana became the poster girl of badminton in India. Saina, was not only the first female player to become the World no 1 but she has won over 24 international titles including a bronze Olympic medal. This film attempts to explore her extraordinary journey… Click here for The Girl on The Train Review Parineeti as Sania manages to get the physicality right for the role. Also, her restlessness to achieve her milestones is quite palpable. What the script doesn’t give her is the ability to explore the struggle within - the audience doesn’t get to experience the emotions behind her sweat and tears. To actually be able to feel disappointed or overwhelmed by her achievements or her loss. While the film looks at quite a few milestones in Saina’s life - her relationship with her coach and mentor Rajan, played by Manav Kaul is a significant part of the story. In one of his first meetings with Saina, Rajan tells her that the game is not just about powering through a match, it is also about tactical play. This movie tries to power through the storytelling but it doesn’t delve into the details of the game. A sports film feels complete to me, when it is not just focussing on the player but also, giving me an insight to what the game is like. In a film like ‘Dangal’ or ‘Chak De India’ even a novice learnt a thing or two about the sport but ‘Saina’ fails to do that. Click here for Mumbai Saga Review The filmmakers focus on the protagonist and to a certain extent on the disciplined regime her mentor makes her follow. Manav Kaul is compelling as the no-nonsense coach but his involvement in her achievements isn’t brought out effectively. Also, for the other supporting characters in the film, especially her husband Kashyap, their parts aren’t given the detail they deserve. They are relegated to the background and aren’t projected as the individuals that they are. Saina is a role model but is the portrayal as powerful? Will this film make you want to encourage your daughter or sister or niece to take up badminton seriously? I think that’s where the gap lies in the storytelling - Saina’s story is inspiring but the film isn’t as passionate. It is 3 stars from me for this one. Please subscribe to Yahoo India on YouTube for more videos

  • Yahoo Detailed Review: Mumbai Saga

    Cast: John Abraham, Emraan Hashmi, Kajal Aggarwal, Rohit Roy, Mahesh Manjrekar, Amole Gupte, Prateik Babbar Director - Sanjay Gupta Release date - 19 March, 2021 Sanjay Gupta - known for action flicks like Kaante and Zinda among others is back with ‘Mumbai Saga’. It’s a face-off between John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi - the don and the cop. Is this underworld drama worth a watch? Amartya Rao played by Abraham has to make a reluctant entry into a world of crime and violence. Harboured by the local politician he soon rules over Mumbai. However, the death of a businessman has the cop on his heels and “encounter specialist”, Vijay Savarkar played by Hashmi has him on the hit-list. Also watch: Roohi Review When it is a story about the underworld - violence, blood and gore come with the territory. In his sepia-tinted world, Gupta looks at recreating the Bombay of the 80s and then Mumbai of the 90s. A time when underworld gangsters ruled the city and turf wars were common. And the only way to deal with the crime was encounters. Director Sanjay Gupta like his earlier films has an ensemble cast in this one too. Rohit Roy and Shaad Randhawa play Abraham’s trusted allies. Prateik Babbar plays the younger brother - he has lived a protected life but can’t help but stay away from a life of crime. Amole Gupte as the rival gangster is a pleasure to watch - he gets the comic timing just right. Click here for The Girl on The Train Review There are some slick slow-motion action sequences. The story is however lost amidst the blazing guns and dialoguebaazi. The plot is wafer-thin and the storytelling isn’t compelling enough. The director doesn’t bother assigning any motive to why his characters operate the way they do. This film is a story that we have seen multiple times before, there is nothing new or unique about how this one unfolds. I am going with 2 stars for this one. ‘Mumbai Saga’ is watchable but watching a film in the theatre is no longer about just investing time and money, it is also about steeping out during Covid. Please subscribe to Yahoo India on YouTube for more videos

  • Yahoo Detailed Review: Roohi

    Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor and Varun Sharma Director - Hardik Mehta Release date - 11 March, 2021 2 stars There have been a few exceptions but Bollywood horror flicks have mostly been disappointing. Then came a film called ‘Stree', it mostly felt like a comedy but was really scary in parts. The makers are now with another horror comedy - ‘Roohi’ starring Jahnvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao. Two small-town boys played by Rajkummar and Varun, are part local journalists, and part hustlers. They are entrusted by their boss - the local goon, with the task of kidnapping Roohi, played by Jahnvi for a forced wedding. When the wedding has to be cancelled, the boys are left with a kidnapped girl - who isn’t as defenceless as they imagine her to be… Roohi has two avatars and the second one is quite scary…Is she possessed or is it a multiple personality disorder? While the two naive boys try to figure out a way to deal with their hostage, both of them can’t help but fall in love with her - it’s definitely an usual love triangle. The thing about small-town stories that don’t have the razzle dazzle of big budget films is the quirky characters. It is not just the main leads but the supporting cast that plays a significant part in bolstering the storytelling. In ‘Stree’ the characters played by Pankaj Tripathi, Aparshakti Khurrana and Abhishek Banerjea made the plot intriguing and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the makers fail to do the same for ‘Roohi’ ….. To be fair - Jahnvi is quite convincing as both Roohi and Afza - she manages to come across as vulnerable and scary in her different avatars. Rajkummar almost aces his part and it is difficult to imagine that this is the same guy who was speaking with an American accent in his last film ‘The white tiger’ but at times, he does seem to be trying too hard to be funny. As for Varun Sharma - I just felt like he is getting typecast as this bumbling idiot and it’s difficult to differentiate one character from the other. There is no variation in his portrayals. What Hardik Mehta’s plot lacks is coherence. The storytelling is all over the place and the songs just drag down the pace of this tale. While some dialogues and wisecracks work really well, others either fall flat or are just cringeworthy. Also, the climax probably wanted to make a point but the message is lost in the chaos. After sitting through the entire film - I still didn’t understand whether she was possessed or suffering from a personality disorder. Also, there is no explanation for what actually caused this. It is neither a scary horror film nor a laugh-out-loud comedy. I am not sure whether it is worth venturing into a theatre to watch this one. ‘Roohi’ gets 2 stars from me. For more video please do subscribe to our YouTube channel For more Movie Reviews click here

  • Yahoo Detailed Review: The Girl on the Train

    Cast: Parineeti Chopra Aditi Rao Hydari Kirti Kulhari Director - Ribhu Dasgupta Release date - 26 February, 2021 Parineeti Chopra is ‘The Girl on the Train’. The film is a thriller adapted from a novel of the same name. Is this adaptation as engrossing as the American one in which Emily Blunt had played the lead? Parineeti plays Mira Kapoor - once a successful lawyer - now divorced and an alcoholic. She regularly blacks out after binge drinking and has trouble remembering recent events when she is sober. She’s accused of frequently harassing her ex-husband. She also, no longer has a job and seems to be finding it difficult to handle her addiction. Mira, on her commute, sees a couple every day and they seem to have the perfect life - a life that she once had or could have had. When Nusrat - the girl - Mira watches every day goes missing - a needle of suspicion points at her. Why would Mira want Nusrat gone? That’s what the police are trying to find out For those of you who have read the novel or watched the previous adaptation - this story is supposed to play out like a psychological thriller. As a part of the audience you are at times convinced that ‘the girl on the train’ is most likely the killer, while at other times she comes across as a soft target. It is frustrating that her actions seem to incriminate her when you so desperately want her to be proved innocent…. Parineeti fails to internalize the chaos that is going on within the girl - the guilt, the conflict, the disbelief and the basic instinct for survival where she wants to believe and prove she’s innocent. I remember the vacant look in Emily Blunt’s eyes and her struggle to remember what actually happened - Parineeti as the staggering Mira is over-the-top. Your heart doesn’t go out to this protagonist… The writing and screenplay is shoddy and doesn’t have the tension needed to keep the audience hooked. A alleged killer has escaped, is on the loose and is roaming about freely doing their own investigation - how do you make allowance for such lapses? The supporting cast also fails to make their performance memorable. I was really hoping for an edge-of-the-seat thriller but the ‘Girl on the Train’ disappoints on too many counts. I am going with 2 stars for this one. For more videos and reviews subscribe to our channel on YouTube

  • Now Streaming: List of new shows and an exclusive interview

    Hello and welcome - you are watching Now Streaming on Yahoo India. On the show we have picked some interesting new web series and films that you can watch online. We will also have a very special guest on our show today - he has been nominated for his role in ‘Patal Lok’ and will be speaking exclusively with us… Kaun kaun hai jisne Indian Matchmaking dekhi thi? Simi aunty aur unki vishesh tippani pe kafi charcha huyi aur we got a sneak peek into how matchmaking among the Indian elite works. We have another new show on Netflix from Feb 15 called The Big Day - jisme hum dekkenge kuch Big Fat Indian weddings and how the multi million dollar shaadi industry works… Malyalam thriller - ‘Drishyam’ - with Mohanlal in the lead was not only remade in Hindi but also in multiple other languages. Kaafi tareef huyi ees kahani ki aur khub saare box office pe paise bhi bane. Now ‘Drishyam 2’ will be streaming on Amazon Prime - on Feb 19. Kya yeh film utni hi mazedaar hogi jitni pehle wali thi? ‘1962: The War in the Hills’ streams on Disney Hotstar from Feb 26th, a series on the Indo-China war. Abhay Deol hai mukhiye abhineta aur Mahesh Manjrekar kiya hai nirdeshak… Kaafi dino baad hum dekhenge Parineeti Chopra ko ek thriller mein. ‘The Girl on the Train’ will be available on Netflix from Feb 26. Parineeti, Mira Kapoor ka kirdar nibha rahi hai - jin ka haal hi main divorce huya hai. Is Mira capable of murder?Humne Wada kiya the ki hamare aaj ke show mein ek khaas mehman hai - He has wowed us with his performance more than once - he was Jana in Stree, Compounder in Mirzapur and Vishal yaane Hathoda Tyagi in ‘Patal Lok’ - Please welcome Abhishek Banerjee … Umeed karte hai aapko hamara aan ka episode pasand aaya. Aur kaun se kalakaar ko aap hamare show mein dekhna chahenge, hume comments section mein zaroor batayen…. And last but not the least… Please don’t forget to like, share and comment on this video. For more videos, please subscribe to our YouTube channel

  • Yahoo Detailed Review: The White Tiger

    Cast: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Rajkummar Rao Adarsh GouravDirector - Ramin BahraniRelease date - 22 January, 2020 3.5 stars ‘The White Tiger’ directed by Raman Bahrani is based on Arvind Adiga’s novel of the same name. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rajkummar Rao and Adarsh Gaurav star in this story about the immense class and caste divide that’s prevalent in India.

The novel won the Man Booker Prize in 2008, will this 2021 film make for a compelling watch?Stay tuned to find out
Balram Halwai, played by Adarsh Gourav, has known only hardship since childhood. Having witnessed his father living a life of debt and his aspirations of higher studies being snuffed out early, he refuses to be shackled by poverty. He can read and speak English and he plans to use that to his advantage. The notion of servitude is so deeply ingrained in the Indian society - can Balram really break free?Ashok and Pinky, played by Priyanka and Rajkummar, are Balram’s employers. They have returned from the US and don’t approve of the way servants are treated in the household. The household or the patriarchs in this family are the Stork and the Mongoose - Ashok’s father and elder brother - landlords from Balram’s village.The director brings out the stark differences that coexist in India. The nation as the fastest growing global economy. The haves live a life of opulence and luxury. And the have-nots, who have no way of escaping their fate of impoverishment. What makes the chasm deeper is the caste-divide that allow some to always behave entitled.
The cast of ‘The White Tiger’ - especially Priyanka and Rajkummar - belt out convincing performances. Priyanka as the NRI daughter-in-law fails to fathom how the class/caste dynamics play out in India’s heartland. Rajkummar plays her husband - he tries to behave emancipated but it is almost impossible for him to escape the trappings of the social structure that he is a part of. 

The hero of this tale is obviously Adarsh Gourav - his portrayal of Balram is at once, likeable and loathsome. At times, your heart goes out to the loyal servant who is trying to do the right thing but is always being reminded of his place. At the same time, I felt repelled by some of his actions - does the end justify the means? 

VO 6 The film is bilingual and the dialogue exchange isn’t seamless. Somewhere the interactions between the Mongoose and Balram, speaking in English seems to just not fit in. While the performances keep you engaged, the climax doesn’t have a dramatic impact. I am going 3.5 stars for this one. Please do share your views with us and don’t forget to like, share and comment on this video. Follow us on YouTube for more videos

  • Now Streaming: Binge-watch list for the long weekend

    Hello and welcome to Now Streaming - kya aap besabri se long weekend ka intezar kar rahe hai?Aur agar long weekend hai to binge watching ka list to tayyar rehang chahiye. Hum aapko batayenge ki kya kya interesting shows our films hai jo aap dekh sakte haiThis Friday - 22nd Jan - The White Tiger begins streaming on Netflix. Directed byRamin Bahrani, the film is adapted from Aravind Adiga's Booker Prize winner novel of the same name.Kyun hume interesting lag rahi hai kahaani? Kaafi samai baad hum Priyanka Chopra ko dekhenge ees film mein. Rajkummar Rao aur Adarsh Gaurav bhi hai ees film mein. Also releasing on Jan 22 on Zee 5 is Jeet ki Zid. Sachchi ghatnao pe adharit, yeh kahani hai mein mukhiye bhoomika nibha rahe hai Amit Sadh. Inspired by a true hero who not only fought the Kargil war but later overcame daunting challenges - this story is a tale of grit and perseverance.Another film that I have been hearing really good things about - is ‘Sir’ which is live on Netflix.Kehte hai mohabbat aur jung mein sab jayez hai - everything is fair in love and war. But is it? Class, status, social structure come in between. Do logon ke darmiyan kuch faasle aise hote hai ki woh love story bilkul hi namumkin lagti hai.

Tillotoma Shome plays a young widow employed by a rich family in Mumbai. Does this impossible romance have a chance?Last but not the least, another interesting show streaming on Hotstar is Criminal Justice Season 2. Kyun karti hai Anuradha apne perfect lawyer pati ki hatya? Pankaj Tripathi plays Madhav Mishra who agrees to defend the accused. Kaafi popular hula hai yeh show. This top notch legal drama deserves a watch.This is my list of the top picks for this weekend.Please do share your comments with us. Follow us on YouTube for more videos

  • Yahoo Detailed Review: Tribhanga

    Cast: Tanvi Azmi          Kajol          Mithila Palkar Director - Renuka SahaneRelease date - 15 January, 2020 3 stars This week’s release has three female actors, Tanvi Azmi, Kajol and Mithila Palkar in the lead. Written and directed by Renuka Sahane, Tribhanga is a dance pose in Odissi and represents the three protagonists and their unconventional life.Kajol is known to be very picky about the scripts she selects - what’s special about this one? Bollywood actress and Odissi dancer, Anuradha Apte, played by Kajol shares a complicated equation with her mother. Nayantara Apte, played by Tanvi Azmi, is the mother, an acclaimed writer, who decided to live life on her own terms. Nayan gets divorced and her ensuing choice in men dents her relationship with her children. Anuradha or Anu, grows up without a father figure and after being in abusive relationships becomes a rebel. She uses cuss words, smokes (or used to) and has a string of non-serious relationships. But when it comes to her daughter, played by Mithila, she is fiercely protective. Masha, played by Mithila, has two feisty female role models while growing up. But she chooses to marry into a very traditional family where she is expected to cover her head at all times. Why does Masha pick such an almost regressive set-up for herself? It’s interesting how each of them have a completely different approach to life The men in the supporting cast - Kunal Roy Kapur, Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, Manav Gohil and Kanwaljeet Singh in a cameo are integral to the tale of these 3 women. They provide insight into how some men can be empowering by their mere presence. Tanvi Azmi is convincing as a flawed mother, who has made peace with her decisions and mistakes. Kajol is good in parts but over-the-top in quite a few scenes. Playing a rebel doesn’t seem to come naturally to her. Mithila as the ‘balanced’ one fits right in. She resists the drama that seems to define the older women in this tale. Director Renuka Sahane does an interesting job of laying out the various elements of a woman's life but fails to bring it together seamlessly. It’s an engaging watch but not compelling enough. I am going with 3 stars for ‘Tribhanga’. Follow us on YouTube for more videos

  • Now Streaming: Brand new OTT films and shows you can watch

    It’s the beginning of a brand new year and all of us our hoping that 2021 will be a better one...First up is Kaagaz on Zee 5 where Pankaj Tripathi. This biographical film written and directed by Satish Kaushik looks promising and is streaming on Zee 5 from Jan 7th.Another film that is skipping the theatrical release is Tamil romantic drama ‘Maara’ starring R Madhavan. ‘Maara’ will be available on Amazon Prime from Jan 8th.50-year-old Maddy still has a disarming boyish charm and this one looks like an interesting romance.‘Tribhanga’ written and directed by Renuka Sahane was supposed to be a small Marathi film but after Kajol came onboard it is now a Hindi Netflix original.Tanvi Azmi, Kajol aur Mithila Palkar - teen supremely talented adakaraan hai ees film mein aur trailer se lagta hai ki kaafi saara drama hoga ees kahani mein...Janvary 15 ko Netflix pe ayegi yeh teen deviyon ki kahani...Currently, Saif Ali Khan seems to be making a bigger impression with his performances on OTT platforms than on the big screen. Chote Nawab will be soon seen in Amazon Prime’s web series - Tandav - a political drama that looks intriguing.Trailer se lagta hai kaafi damdaar performances dekhne ko millenne jab rubaru honge - Saif Ali Khan aur Dimple Kapadia. Follow us on YouTube for more videos

  • 'Coolie No 1' Detailed Review: Yahoo Movies

    Coolie No 1 Review 2 stars Cast : Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan Director: David Dhawan Release date: 25 December, 2020 This year’s Christmas release has Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan as the romantic lead in David Dhawan’s Coolie No 1. Is this remake of the 1995 Govinda - Karisma Kapoor starrer worth a watch? Here’s the story - Raju played by Varun falls for rich girl Sara played by Sara Ali Khan. Their marriage seems like an impossible alliance but Javed Jaffrey plays matchmaker who has a score to settle with Sara’s father played by Paresh Rawal. He presents Coolie No 1 Raju as Raj, a billionaire and gets the two married. But how long before the truth unfolds? Coolie No 1 is bigger, it has fancier sets, stylish costumes and definitely a lot of money spent on production. But none of the big bucks spent really translates into a wholesome entertainer. For one, the plot that worked in 1995 doesn’t seem to really fit in 2020. Even if you were to suspend disbelief, the film seems more like a spoof. Govinda’s comic timing made all his associations with David Dhawan a fun-watch, no matter how ridiculous the plot was. Varun Dhawan who was completely convincing in the ‘Judwaa’ remake, seems under confident in Coolie No 1. The jokes fall flat and he seems to be trying too hard to be funny. Sara Ali Khan has shown promise in her debut film ‘Kedarnath’ and while she seems to enjoy playing the quintessential Bollywood heroine in this one, this performance is definitely not worth talking about. Sara enjoys the ‘thumkas’ but is really over-the-top in parts where she has to be emotional. The rest of the supporting cast - Javed Jaffrey, Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever - none of them really tickle the funny bone. The dialogues, the humour and the comebacks were found wanting. The song and dance sequences also, fail to make you want to move and groove. A remake needs to be repurposed to be relevant to today’s audience. We can’t just force fit a formula that worked 25 years ago and rest assured it will work. Coolie No 1 disappoints on too many counts - I am going with 2 stars for this one. Follow us on YouTube for more detailed reviews

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    Flawless performances from HRVY and Maisie couldn’t spoil the party for the people’s champion

  • 'Chhalaang' Detailed Review: Yahoo Movies

    Cast : Rajkummar Rao, Nushrat Bharucha, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Director: Hansal Mehta 3 stars Review by Rummana Ahmed The film’s first half has a lot of laugh-out-loud moments but the second half feels a little stretched. ‘Chhalang’ has subtle messages but it never gets preachy.

  • 'Laxmii' Detailed Review: Yahoo Movies

    Laxmii is now streaming on Disney+Hotstar Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani Director: Raghava Lawrence Review by Rummana Ahmed 1.5 stars ‘Laxmii’ is the story of a transgender who was rejected by parents and despite, the many challenges manages to become a role model. However, after her brutal death, her ghost wants vengeance. Can Akshay get Laxmii the justice she deserves? Watch more detailed reviews on our YouTube channel

  • Khaali Peeli Detailed Review: Yahoo Movies

    Cast: Ishan Khatter, Ananya Panday Direction: Maqbool Khan 2.5 stars Review by Rummana Ahmed ‘Khaali Peeli’ means ‘just like that’ so if you have nothing much to do on this long weekend and just want some timepass, you can watch this movie. Follow us on YouTube for more videos

  • 'Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare' Detailed Review: Yahoo Movies

    Cast: Konkona Sen Sharma, Bhumi Pednekar Direction: Alankrita Shrivastava 3.5 stars Review by Rummana Ahmed Dolly played by Konkona is married and settled in Noida, while Kitty played by Bhumi, is new in town, looking for a job and is temporarily living with her sister. Is Dolly’s life as perfect as it seems? And is Kitty as free as she claims to be? Can the sisters really bond over their dark secrets? Or will their differences drive a wedge in their already strained relationship?

  • 'Sadak 2' Detailed Review: Yahoo Movies

    Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Alia Bhatt, Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt Direction: Mahesh Bhatt 1 star Review by Rummana Ahmed ‘Sadak 2’ is a revenge saga - Aaarya played by Alia wants to avenge her mother’s death, who she has allegedly been killed by her evil stepmother and a fake Godman. Her boyfriend Vishal played by Aditya also joins her fight but he seems to have his own secrets. Aarya meets Ravi played by Dutt, who has become suicidal after his wife’s death. She gives Ravi a sense of purpose and he gets involved in her quest to get justice and fight evil.

  • 'Gunjan Saxena - The Kargil Girl' Detailed Review: Yahoo Movies

    Cast: Janhvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, Angad BediDirector: Sharan Sharma 4 stars Review by Rummana Ahmed Gunjan Saxena’s story is for all women out there who have tried to infiltrate the boys’ club and found themselves having to work doubly hard to prove their capability. And even then, they don’t seem to fit in because well, your gender is different. It’s also for the men who nurse their chauvinism because they are actually insecure of their woman counterparts. I guess, it is time for everyone to take a closer look at our biases.

  • 'Shakuntala Devi' Detailed Review: Yahoo Movies

    Cast: Vidya Balan, Sanya MalhotraDirector: Anu Menon 3.5 stars Review by Rummana Ahmed Director Anu Menon handles this biopic with skill. The various aspects of the enigmatic mathematician’s personality are nuanced. Menon beautifully presents the mother daughter relationship as complex and a terrain that needs to be negotiated together.

  • 'Dil Bechara' Detailed Review: Yahoo Movies

    Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjana Sanghi Director: Mukesh Chhabra Review by Rummana Ahmed ‘Dil Bechara’ tugs at your heart strings, for all of us who have lost someone dear to cancer, the helplessness is painful. And so is the reminder, that Sushant isn’t among us anymore. He had wowed us with his performance in his films like Kai Po Che, Dhoni, Kedarnath and Sonchiriya. In ‘Dil Bechara’ his exuberance is infectitious. Like a friend said, it is impossible to see this film for its craft - I look at Sushant and there were so many questions, so many emotions, just the thought that he had so much more to live ….None of us every thought that this film will get a posthomous release…it’s truly heartbreaking.

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    ‘Jawaani Jaaneman’ is a short and sweet comedy that had the potential to be much more. A more thoughtful script and better character development could have really lifted the narrative.