• 10 Really Confusing Movie Endings Explained
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    10 Really Confusing Movie Endings Explained

    Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a movie that ends on a big fat question mark. Let us be your guide in decoding the confusing endings of 10 of the most frustrating film finales… ‘Inception’ (2010) The ending: Back in LA, Leo DiCaprio’s dream-thief Cobb spins his totem on the kitchen counter to determine if he’s dreaming, then decides instead to go outside and play with his estranged kids, leaving it spinning – and the camera cuts before we see if it slows or stops. The explanation: Whether you think you see the spinning top wobble or not (it does waver, very slightly, before Nolan cuts), there’s a very simple interpretation of the ending – it doesn’t matter if Cobb is dreaming or not. If you want closure, you won’t get any because Christopher Nolan intentionally left the ending open to interpretation, but remember that the spinning top is not Cobb’s totem, it’s his wife Mal’s, so essentially the top’s actions don’t mean anything one way or the other.  - Weird Movie Star Waxworks - Most Successful LOTR Cast Members - Could Zombies Happen For Real?

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