• Bollywood’s 10 most iconic, sinister villains
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    Bollywood’s 10 most iconic, sinister villains

    They are treacherous, evil, murderous and give you the goosebumps every time they come on screen. From their dialogues, their mannerism and idiosyncrasies, to the way they dress up - these villains are suave, creepy and even sometimes funny. The role of a villain has always been the most difficult one - after all, it is all the effort they put in to look evil, that makes the hero look so good. However, over the years, the trend of the typical villain, who often outshone the hero, has diminished, and today a number of leading actors are taking on grey characters, instead.We take you down memory lane as we remember ten of the most sinister villains in Bollywood. Let us know who your favourite villain of all times is:

  • Why Bollywood actors are South India’s favorite baddies?
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    Why Bollywood actors are South India’s favorite baddies?

    Ever wonder how nearly all of South India’s favorite bad guys on screen are all dashing Bollywood personalities as well? While there have been local favorites such as Kalabhavan Mani, Avinash, Kota Srinivas Rao, Sai Kumar and others, all of whom looked dangerous enough to leave the audience trembling, there are certain shades of grey that some of these Bollywood actors carry, which adds that much sought-after negative flavor when they act in South Indian cinema. This phenomena also proves the fact that badness or negativity has nothing to do with physical appearance much in the same way as goodness doesn’t. The most logical explanation for why these actors strike a chord with the audience as villains is probably the fact that thy are foreigners to the Southern film industry. This  lends an intriguing quality to their presence in the film; and hey, of course no hearts are broken when the local hero finally defeats a villain who is a foreigner, even if he is good-looking.Leave your comments if you agree with this explanation. 

  • Villains are the new heroes
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    Villains are the new heroes

    There was this time when audiences use to go crazy behind Heroes and the villains were always hated. Heroes were the highlight of the screen and the villains were always the one who were neglected. But now villains are the new heroes, they are the one who are more appreciated on the screen. Let us see few of the recent one who we loved even as Villians.

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    Bollywood’s most dangerous female villains!

    Think about villains and the first thing that comes to our minds are angry, stubborn looking men. But have you ever thought of women playing the role of a villain? Our Bollywood directors did and here’s how.Bollywood is always known for doing things differently and our directors did exactly that. Breaking the cliché, B-town brought to light female villains, who not only stepped into the shoes of villains, but tramped around in their high heels and left a remarkable mark in Bollywood’s history.From Priyanka to Kajol, Preity Zinta and Bipasha, here’s a look at Bollywood women who threw the rule book out of the window and turned dangerous villains onscreen.Image Credit: Movie Talkies

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    Meet Bollywood’s good looking bad guys!

    They are the most hated and are even beaten to death by the hero at the end. However, we cannot ignore how hot they look! Earlier, villains in films would have certain features that clearly distinguished him from the hero. Be it the outfit, hairstyle or the body language, there was a time when villains were literally treated as the ‘bad’ man.