Tahira Kashyap, Breast Cancer Survivor, Shares An Inspiring Poem On World Cancer Day

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February 4 is observed as World Cancer Day to raise awareness of cancer. There are many cancer survivors who come forward and spread awareness on the importance of early detection, about its prevention, to reduce the stigmas associated with it, and much more. Tahira Kashyap is a breast cancer survivor and on World Cancer Day, she has penned an inspiring poem for cancer patients and survivors to embrace their scars like a badge of honour. National Cancer Survivors Day 2020: Tahira Kashyap Pens A Beautiful Poem Paying An Ode To Her 'Scars'.

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Tahira Kashyap was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer in 2018 and she even underwent a mastectomy procedure. On an audio show titled My Ex-Breast, Ayushmann Khurrana who was inspired by his wife’s strength throughout her battle had called her his ‘victorious queen’. On World Cancer Day, Tahira has recited a poem for all those who are battling with cancer and for the survivors as well. She recited, “Some scars are deep, some within. Some are seen, while some are hidden. The thing about scars is, it reminds you of the past, the moments of suffering that you thought would forever last.”

“The fight with cancer is not just physical but also mental, some battles are more tough to conquer especially if they're internal. But hear me again, we all have that fighter which has the universe's might. The indomitable spirit that can't be crushed by any fright,” Tahira Kashyap further mentioned. Ayushmann Khurrana's Wife Tahira Kashyap Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Again.

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Tahira Kashyap On World Cancer Day

In 2020, Tahira Kashyap had launched a book titled “12 Commandments Of Being A Woman”. She has also co-authored Ayushmann Khurrana’s biography titled “Cracking The Code: My Journey In Bollywood”.