Here’s When Tahira Says She Will Direct Ayushmann in a Film

Tahira Kashyap has been keeping busy during this lockdown with ‘The Lockdown Tales’ on Instagram, and is also on her way to direct a feature film after making two short films. However, she believes that she needs to do more work and earn herself a position before she can direct her husband, actor Ayushmann Khurrana in a film.

In an interview to ETimes, Tahira said, “I would really love to work with him from the perspective of directing a wonderful artist. He has grown tremendously as an artist. But at the same time, he is senior to me when it comes to working. So I need to earn myself a couple of films or a position where I deserve to direct him.”

Also unsure about their on-set equation, she said that it is something they would get to know eventually.

"“I am also fretting because I don’t know how it would be because we are husband and wife too. So I don’t know how the situation will be like- will there be fireworks on the set or we would be able to maintain the absolute director-actor decorum. That is something we would get to know.”" - Tahira Kashyap

Currently in their Mumbai home, with their two kids, the couple is trying to spend as much time together as they can. While she teaches them math, Ayushmann takes over music lessons. “He is bad with numbers so I have taken over that department of teaching maths. When it comes to teaching music, piano, and even Hindi, kids are learning that from him,” added Tahira.

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