Taimur Participates In His First Sports Day At School, Wins Gold Medal! View Pictures

Vinod Dsouza

The cute and adorable Taimur participated in his first ever sports day at school and guess what, the little lad took home a gold medal in the running race. Several pictures have been doing the rounds on social media of Kareena Kapoor and Taimur enjoying the sports day and various emotions of the little child have been captured so perfectly. Once he's happy and delighted and again he's seen trying hard to win the running race and in another picture, he's seen crying. The images will surely melt your heart and put a smile on your face. No wonder, he's the most sought after star kid in the country, folks!

Run Taimur Run

Taimur's efforts paid off as he took home a gold medal from his first ever sports day in school and the race included the child's mommy to run behind their kid as well. Taimur is seen delighted here.

So Cute

Taimur is all set to do a drill along with his classmates and is seen holding a green pom-pom in his hands.

Kareena Kapoor & Taimur

Even mommy Kareena Kapoor is seen enjoying the moment and become a kid once again, all thanks to Taimur.

Taimur Cries

Just when you thought Taimur was all happy and joyful, he started crying before the drill began and then his teacher consoled him and made him feel better again. The mood of kids we tell you!!

Cute & Adorable

If you don't find this picture of Taimur to be cute and adorable, we wonder what else would be!

Champion Taimur

Taimur, the champion who won the gold medal in a race is seen playing with his medal and we're sure he'll win many of those in the coming years on sportsday.

What's Happening!

We're sure, Taimur is wondering what exactly is happening here and why on earth have they put a medal on his neck. A few years down the line, he'll know the importance of it.

A Happy Taimur

After crying before the drill and being consoled by his teacher, Taimur is all smiles before he hits the ground to perform the drill with his classmates.

Kareena Kapoor Holds Taimur

No matter where you are, a kid is always comfortable in his mommy's arms.

The Emotions Of Taimur

Taimur has shown so many emotions here and each picture puts a smile on our faces. He's truly the cutest star kid India has ever seen.

Crying Once Again

We guess all Taimur wants now after winning a gold medal is ice cream or chocolates and is crying in front of mommy Kareena so that she can buy him those.


Of all the pictures of Taimur we've seen, the sports day pictures are really something and we can't have enough of them.

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