Taj Hobson Shares His Secrets to Creating Multiples Streams of Income

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For most, it has become ingrained that to be successful we must get an education and secure a job. However, with the digital age continuing to grow and change, and unorthodox opportunities to generate income emerging, the new topic of discussion is finding ways to create as many sources of wealth as possible.

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Taj Hobson, who also goes by the name Tee Hefner, started with a desire to create a better life for himself and his family and turned that into his purpose to pursue entrepreneurship. To date, Taj has created his own financial independence through his multiple businesses and now dedicates his time and focus to sharing the opportunity with the masses.

Taj was born in New Jersey, and grew up in Detroit and Inkster Michigan. His initial business venture that began his journey through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship was network marketing and trading in the financial markets. Taj was introduced by a friend and was fascinated by the idea of earning money from his phone.

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Taj’s belief in digital entrepreneurship as the future for not only himself but for others who want to secure themselves financially, pushed him to work hard to build a team of individuals with the common goal of creating a successful online business and a sustainable source of income. To date, Tee’s business is called “Lavish Lifestyle” involving over 70 people across the United States.

When Discussing the Objective Behind Lavish Lifestyle, Taj Says:

“We help people discover a new way to make money, outside of traditional employment. There are so many different opportunities within this business. You can learn a new skill to make money right from your phone, you can meet new people from different parts of the world and build new relationships and learn to grow yourself as a person through mentorship”, says Taj.

Aside from his focus on this venture, Taj has created several avenues of success for himself through multiple other businesses. Taj has his own clothing line called Wake up and Profit, does freelance photography and is also a rapper under the name Tee Hefner.

The motivation Taj finds today that encourages him to keep going through entrepreneurial trials, stems from some difficult experiences he had growing up.

“It was at the age of 17 that I really realized that there isn’t anyone who is going to put food in my mouth except for me - and that’s when everything changed. Growing up I didn’t really have anyone to lean on, and the people around me didn’t always have good intentions for me. It just made me grow up very quickly and understand that I had to focus on what I want because I’m the only one who can get me there, I just have to do it,” says Taj.

Running multiple successful businesses is no small feat, but Taj says he’s not finished until he has impacted over one million people with the mindset and resources needed to become financially stable. On a personal level Taj wants to ensure that his kids, grandkids and great grandkids will be able to live off of the wealth he has accumulated. He prides himself on being a problem solver which has given him a bigger perspective.

“I try to help others find peace from all different aspects of their life, and act as a problem solver. When you're a problem solver, you tend to realize that your problems are not as big as everybody else’s, which helps you to feel grateful for what you have,” says Taj.

As a multi-faceted businessman with big goals already accomplished and even bigger ones he’s working towards, Taj shares his best advice for new and aspiring entrepreneurs to find their own motivation to pursue their passions and create their own income sources in different ways:

Start and end your day with prayer.Praying helps to shift your mindset to really realize that you have so much to be grateful for. It’s what I do to get through any situation. I just pray. There's nothing else that can get you through except for it.”

Never quit.That was hard for me to understand, but you’ll start to learn that when things get hard, you can’t give up.”

Find inner peace. Find a way to come to terms with who you are and where you came from, if you’re fighting a battle on the inside that shows on the outside.”

Don't worry about what other people are doing.Don't worry about what you see on Instagram or social media. Worry about your own lane. You're laying these yellow lines, that's it.”

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