‘It takes two hands to clap rite?’: Hema Sardesai’s shocking defence of #MeToo accused Anu Malik

Singer Hema Sardesai leaped to composer Anu Malik’s defence over the #MeToo allegations recently, showing that women indeed can be true foot soldiers of misogynist patriarchy.

After Sona Mohapatra and Neha Bhasin lashed out at Sony Tv for reinstating #MeToo accused Anu Malik as a judge on Indian Idol, Hema Sardesai leaped to Anu Malik’s defence writing on Instagram: “Pls note this is a selfless post with nothing for me to gain on, accept the satisfaction of standing up for the truth @anumalikmusic @sonytvofficial."

Hema went on to argue that she ‘was the only singer to openly talk about refusing to compromise’ and wrote: "So many years ago when my struggle carried on in the industry I was the ONLY singer who had clearly stated publicly that I have refused to compromise my values for songs.

Why were all others quiet then? And why have they been quiet for so many years? By sheer grace despite my strong principles, I was blessed with many blockbuster hit songs including those directed by Anu Malik.

If one of the decent most Singers like me cld have sung some of Anu Malik's greatest songs, it proves there is a great Artiste in him who respected true talent and who respectfully gave me songs on merit alone." (sic)

She also shamed the victims for staying silent demanding to know why they didn’t speak up earlier, even though there was never a forum for most female artistes to voice their displeasure or be taken seriously.

She wrote: “I ask some of the singers who are talking against him... why were you quiet for so many years? Are you'll trying to say all the other Music directors who you'll worked with were Gods? Like seriously? Also if for publicity sake you are throwing stones at him, it's not acceptable.

I ask those known singers who got most of his big songs why are you'll quiet today when you shld be standing by him? I mean it takes two hands to clap rite? When one of the most RAREST DECENT MOST Singer of the industry says something on this, the people concerned shld sit up and take heed pls.”

For the record, Hema Sardesai’s claims tick every stage of victim-shaming that comes up whenever an accuser speaks up against someone.

- Why were they silent earlier?

Perhaps, because there didn’t exist a system in which one could speak up about a man in power.

- They are seeking publicity

As we’ve seen so far, everyone who has accused someone during the #MeToo storm has found their work curtailed. So, why would one want publicity for publicity’s sake when the price one pays usually is less work.

- It didn’t happen to me.

Just because one hasn’t faced the brunt of something from a particular person doesn’t mean they have never faced it.

Recently, there was talk of Sony finally dropping Anu Malik after realising that the furore against him hadn’t died down.