The Tale of a Brandon Atay Who Is Kicking Goals and Being an Inspiration for Many

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Brandon Atay who hails from Ottawa, Ontario is a 22-year-old entrepreneur. He has completed Television Broadcasting Diploma from Algonquin College in April 2021. He is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur who is working for his passion. He puts in all when it comes to working for his dreams and the life he has desired.

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Here is How Brandon’s Journey Started

Brandon’s career started with videography. He shot music festivals, nightclub promo videos and music videos. His last music video reached over 1 million views. Ever since then Brandon took a step away to focus on other things.

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When he was 19, he used to manage local artists. He used to go to a secluded cottage on a private island to record albums. Constantly going city to city to work with other creatives, Brandon slowly started to realize that he was using all his connections to build somebody else’s career. He then took a step away to try to build his career.

When Brandon Managed to Make His Own Path

Brandon worked as a VIP host in multiple nightclubs from the age of 19-21. He also hosted his events, where he would bring in stage lighting and do a live audio-visual light show as well as DJ. “I created this event to slowly build up to a goal of mine, play at a music festival. Although a crowd of 500 people was fun, I’d love to bring this to the big stage”, Brandon stated.

Brandon eventually made his way up to be general manager of the biggest nightclub in Ottawa at the age of 22. “The Show”. Due to Covid-19, he can’t do any of these things anymore. The restrictions in Ottawa are insane. The place is in its 3rd province-wide lockdown. It doesn’t seem going back to normal anytime soon.

When Life Takes Twists and Turns

When Covid-19 hit, Brandon had no choice but to change his career for the time being, so he decided to try to be on the other side of the camera for once. Brandon started acting in December of 2020 and he loves it. “It’s amazing to randomly see yourself pop up in a TV commercial”, Brandon remarked.

He has signed with Angie’s AMTI, the same agency Ryan Gosling got his start. In such a short period, Angie has given him a lot of success in the acting world. Brandon is very busy with auditions.

Brandon is always dedicated when it comes to his work. He has been nominated twice for “Ottawa’s best videographer”. He is now trying his luck in acting too. It has just started for Brandon, a lot more success and fame is waiting for him on the way.

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